Taylor goes Back to December to make it alright and behind the scenes of Speak Now!

Speak Now cover

October madness continues! The countdown to Taylor time currently stands at T minus 13 days to the release of Speak Now. Here at the Swift Agency we are considering taking in applications for a new department called the Hair Police. It’s a joke that will become clear when you watch the videos below and yes, we’re still only one guy.  The next song up for its 30 second preview is Back To December.

This is another first time for Taylor, as this song represents an apology to a person who gave her his best but she was careless. It seems to point to a particularly well publicized relationship with a certain actor which came to light late last year and ended coincidentally in December, but in typical Taylor fashion she doesn’t confirm it. The song sounds really nice and we can’t wait until it’s released on October 12 on iTunes!

Of course, we don’t have access to Comcast so enjoy the YouTube version. Thanks to all the Swifties who pointed this link out. Roll the video!

Here’s the photoshoot session for Speak Now but the fun really starts when we get to the chapel. The craziest wedding imaginable was the setting for the photoshoot for Speak Now. This really deserved to be a video. Remember the Speak Now cover? Finally we get to see what Taylor is looking at and boy does it complete the picture! Here’s the behind the scenes look at the Speak Now photoshoot, part one:

Now we know that Al Wilson was the preacher, Grant Mickelson was the groom and Liz Huett was the over the top bride! Man, talk about perfect casting! Check out Amos Heller clowning around. Hope those pics turn up soon. Thanks to aprilmail for posting 🙂

Taylor Swift has been named the 24th most powerful celebrity in Entertainment Weekly‘s list.

Coming up! Direct from our Calendar:

  • October 12: Back To December goes on sale on iTunes. The Glamour magazine with Taylor Swift’s interview, photoshoot and cover comes out in newsstands.
  • October 18: Mean will get a 30-second preview on Comcast On Demand and XfinityTv.com starting one minute past midnight. E! News will show a clip and interview in the evening.
  • October 19: Mean goes on sale on iTunes.

(Sources: Comcast, Xfinitytv.com, Entertainment Weekly)

Speak Now - Taylor Swift