She goes Back to December all the time

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Hello, Swifties! Back to December is out. Go get it on iTunes!

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The song itself is a beautiful power ballad. I love the melody and the lyrics. It surely seems like a hit to me. The song is apologetic, but quite passionate. I can’t quite categorize this as a sad song. It has a lot of force and passion. Back To December is definitely not another Teardrops On My Guitar. I would put it almost in the same league than White Horse. I believe this is definitely a grown up song. There is a lot of maturity here.

The song represents the first time that the Fearless One apologizes to anybody on a song. Back To December is an apology to a person who gave her his best but she was careless. It seems to point to a particularly well publicized relationship with a certain actor which came to light late last year and ended coincidentally in December, but in typical Taylor fashion she doesn’t confirm it.

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(Sources: iTunes US, iTunes Canada)

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