Taylor Swift to appear on Today, Letterman, Regis and Kelly, and Ellen!

(Photo Credit: Taylor Swift)

The Fearless One seems to go from event to event non-stop as of late. The last days have been non-stop and I’m actually considering taking off October 25 if I want to be on top of it all. Yeah, no energy left for the usual “we the Swift Agency” joke. I’m just one guy who needs a nap.

This time there’s no other way to present it. Taylor Swift is going to appear on your TV almost constantly. She’s doing the album release for Speak Now starting in New York City at the United Nations in an event that will be broadcast by all MTV Networks including CMT.com. Then she flies to LA for more events.

If you don’t like Taylor Swift, you might want to turn off your TV, shut down the internet, close the blinds and cover your ears. She’s going to be everywhere. Also, see a doctor.

Taylor will be on the Today show on NBC, Letterman on CBS, Regis and Kelly and finally will tape a full show dedicated to Speak Now on Ellen Degeneres. Do not miss that. There is no other talk show where Taylor’s star has burned brighter than on Ellen.

Ellen is launching a contest for the ultimate fan of Taylor Swift, knowing her passion for surprises and the upcoming show with Taylor you might want to join! Just go here.

Best way to illustrate all the events is to show them within the Calendar itself. Take a look!

  • October 25: The third studio album, Speak Now, is released worldwide and on iTunes. Taylor Swift performs at the United Nations in New York City and then flies to Los Angeles with the winners of Speak Now with Taylor Swift in New York City. MTV Networks will broadcast a Speak Now MTV/Radio worldwide event.
  • October 26: She’ll perform on NBC’s Today and CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman.
  • October 27: She appears on ABC’s Live with Regis and Kelly. She also is the main guest on the event Read Now! Participating school classrooms will see this live webcast at 1pm ET / 10am PT. You must get your teacher to register for the webcast here. All registrations must be in by October 27, 9am to access the live event. You also need to register to view the replay. On the evening she will be at Madame Tussaud’s New York in Times Square to unveil her new statue.
  • October 28: Taylor Swift tapes for The Ellen Degeneres Show with the entire show dedicated to her launching her album Speak Now.


  • November 1:The Ellen Degeneres Show entirely dedicated to Taylor Swift’s album, Speak Now airs on NBC.
  • November 2: Taylor Swift performs on Dancing With The Stars.

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