NSAI Awards, UK gets Mine and return to Fundon for Paul O’Grady Live!

Swifties in the UK, you’re about to get Fearless… The Speak Now songstress is headed your way soon. Mine was just released today in the United Kingdom. You can get it on iTunes UK. No, she’s not there yet.

The annual Nashville Songwriters Association International Awards (NSAI) was held in Nashville. American Songwriter reported Taylor Swift won the Songwriter / Artist of the Year award for the third time in a row.

Taylor Swift is expected in Paris, France this evening (October 18) for a private concert.

The Fearless One is expected to land in the United Kingdom following her stay in France sometime between tomorrow and Friday since she is scheduled to appear on Paul O’Grady Live. This information has been obtained via the host’s personal Twitter, so I’m judging it as reliable. I am trying to get a source for every piece of info, but confirmations are starting to get really hard to come by.

Coming up! Straight from the Calendar:

  • October 18: Taylor Swift performs in a private concert at a secret location in Paris! Promoted by Goom Radio.
  • October 19: Mean goes on sale on iTunes.
  • October 22, 23 and 24: Taylor Swift’s Journey To Fearless premieres on The Hub network.
  • October 22: Story Of Us will get a 30-second preview on Comcast On Demand and XfinityTv.com starting one minute past midnight. E! News will show the clip in the evening.
  • October 23: Last chance to send your video entries for the Team Hug contest! Closes at 5pm Eastern time.

(Sources: TaylorSwift.co.uk, iTunes UK, NSAI, American Songwriter, Paul O’Grady Live)