The Mean preview, a Haunted photoshoot and Tay gets tied to the railroad tracks

There’s professional criticism and then, there’s just being mean. Couldn’t agree more with the Fearless One. Let’s go to the Mean preview video!

Nathan Chapman, her producer, described Mean for Billboard: “the most country-sounding thing she’s ever done.” The song does feature banjo and fiddle in the foreground. We need to hear the whole thing! That’s happening tomorrow around midnight. Here in the east coast it seemed to happen an hour earlier, so make sure you keep checking iTunes. This is the last song that we will get a single of. Story Of Us will get a preview on October 22 but will come out with the album. Speak Now drops October 25. Countdown to Taylor time is now T minus 7 days.

And now, the second part of the Speak Now photoshoot! She gets Haunted! Scott Swift sings Mean! Taylor gets tied to the train tracks! Wait, what?

Ok, Haunted sounds interesting. Can someone untie poor Tay now please?

Thanks to aprilmaii for posting the videos! Update: I’m switching to taylorswiftweb‘s videos because they have higher quality, but I want to keep my thanks to aprilmaii for breaking the news first and to @myca13swift for letting me in on the links posted 🙂

The Fearless One is expected in Paris this Monday, October 18, for a private concert. After that… wish I’d knew for certain. Europe should be on Swiftie alert!

Coming up! Straight from the Calendar:

  • October 18: Taylor Swift performs in a private concert at a secret location in Paris! Promoted by Goom Radio.
  • October 19: Mean goes on sale on iTunes.
  • October 22, 23 and 24: Taylor Swift’s Journey To Fearless premieres on The Hub network.
  • October 22: Story Of Us will get a 30-second preview on Comcast On Demand and starting one minute past midnight. E! News will show the clip in the evening.
  • October 23: Last chance to send your video entries for the Team Hug contest! Closes at 5pm Eastern time.

(Sources: Comcast, Billboard)