The Outspoken One: Taylor Speaks Now, GAC Q&A and inside Dear John

(Credit: Joseph Anthony Baker)

New Speak Now promotion picture from Big Machine Records! Taylor Swift doesn’t look like a little girl anymore, that’s a very beautiful woman in that photo. It’s lovely and it’s beautiful but it makes me feel a bit sad for some reason. To all those who saw her in the moment when she was still a kid , hope you captured it and remember it.

We’ve got more videos than content today! See, a break from reading all my lengthy posts. Here at the Swift Agency we are just one guy. I appreciate very much all the comments.

Enough yapping from me, let’s go to the first video. Taylor talks about Speak Now (via coupdemainmagazine):

Here’s a very cute Q&A session from GAC. I even recognize one or two Swifties sending in questions! Sorry, the video is no longer available.

And our last video comes with a warning because it’s a spoiler. The following video is based on the lyric spoilers in a blog by Chris Willman, who interviewed Taylor about the content of her songs. Access Hollywood wanted to talk to him about Dear John in particular and the possible link to John Mayer, which is why the lyrics for this song feature heavily on this video. Do not play this if you don’t want to find out any lyrics about the song until October 25.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

At least this way I can cover that story without spoiling the lyrics which is something that I’ve been debated since I read the original article. If you want to read it, it’s on Yahoo! Music Our Country but be warned it contains lyric spoilers about every single song in the album. We’re not quoting it here for the benefit of those who’d rather stay surprised.

Coming up! From our Calendar:

  • October 22, 23 and 24: Taylor Swift’s Journey To Fearless premieres on The Hub network.
  • October 22: Story Of Us will get a 30-second preview on Comcast On Demand and starting one minute past midnight. E! News will show the clip in the evening.
  • October 23: Last chance to send your video entries for the Team Hug contest! Closes at 5pm Eastern time.
  • October 25:Speak Now WORLDWIDE DATE RELEASE

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