The Outspoken One: on the press, on camera and on the flight terminal

Our titles are getting really weird, eh? There’s some great articles coming out about Taylor Swift with a lot of insight into her opinions. The common component is her third studio album Speak Now.

First up, here’s the Wall Street Journal, talking to Taylor about facing criticism, behind Speak Now and life in general.

To give you an example, as an answer to the criticism on her live performances she says, “I don’t really have a standard criticism policy for how I handle it. Because it seems like it’s always something different that’s being said in a different way by a different person…There are some times when I can just brush it off and be fine after I hear something negative. But there are times when it absolutely levels me.”

Then there’s the New York Times, who took a more aggressive approach and went into the Dear John lyrics. Caution: there are lyric spoilers present in that article. The article does however approach Taylor’s career growth and also reviews the actual Speak Now album.

To quote the review without any spoilers: “It’s the most savage of her career, and also the most musically diverse. And it’s excellent too, possibly her best.” Later it adds: “The great accomplishment of this album, though, is that Ms. Swift is at her most musically adventurous when she’s most incensed. She may not be outgrowing the ethos of tit for tat — righting wrongs is Ms. Swift’s raison d’être — but as an artist, she’s finding new ways to fight back.”

Finally it adds that Taylor’s material is going into more mature subjects: “In these new songs relationships are no longer fantasies, or neutered; they’re lived-in places, where bodies share space.” I’m sorry that I won’t post the lyrics the author uses to back up his conclusions but I’d rather not put spoilers here.

The New York Times also announced that Taylor will now be appearing at the JetBlue terminal, Gate 14 (there is no Gate 13, superstitious much?) at Kennedy International Airport in New York City on Wednesday, October 27. JetBlue will run Taylor Swift ads for her album (that apparently can’t be turned off). Taylor Swift gets a chartered flight from New York to Los Angeles with very lucky fans included and even an improvised concert during the flight.

People who don’t like Taylor Swift might want to avoid the friendly skies for a couple of months in addition to turning off their TVs, the Internet and not reading the newspaper.

Access Hollywood took the opportunity to report from Taylor from her People magazine photoshoot:

And this is the promotion for Taylor Swift: A Journey to Fearless via Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel:

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  • October 25:Speak Now WORLDWIDE DATE RELEASE

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