Countdown to Speak Now! Paul O’Grady live and Speak Now tour talk

Countdown to Speak Now is now T minus 2 days. Again, since it’s past midnight it’s actually less than 2.

Paul O’Grady Live had Taylor Swift over for an interview and a performance. They’re backwards on the video, but I am not complaining!

Thanks to TaylorSwiftHDSource for posting! To be perfectly honest I cringed when the performance started and Taylor’s mike was almost mute. The same thing happened on New Orleans and it had me fuming. PLEASE triple check her mike’s sounds levels before live performances or I’m sending the ninjas over to work over the sound guy. On the other hand, there’s your solid evidence she doesn’t lip synch. The interview is attached at about 4:39 in.

Taylor has an ally and a friend in Paul O’Grady, which means she’s not necessarily safe from being poked at with a little fun. As interviews go, a Taylor visiting Paul in the UK could be compared to Taylor appearing on Ellen. Okey, last time Ellen almost gave Tay a heart attack but you know what I mean. They’re both zany, and they develop this rapport in which they’re not afraid to joke around with the Outspoken One.

Fun gestures were exchanged when Taylor got cornered into explaining if 14 tracks on the new album mean she’s been particularly social the last two years. T-Swizzle had quickly explain. “There are repeat offenders on there,” she said amidst laughs. “They’re not all about boys. They’re all about the last two years of my life which have been sort of eventful.”

You want eventful? Try the last couple of weeks! And the biggest week of them all is coming up as October 25 looms at less than two days away.

The next big thing for the Outspoken one will be the Speak Now tour.

“I already have plans in my head as to what the stage looks like, the color tones, different little tricks we’ll do here and there,” Taylor told Country Weekly. “Even when putting together this album, I see where certain songs will flow into another song on the record and I see so many different ways of portraying these songs onstage.

“There will be some really emotional moments during this tour. Putting it together is something I really look forward to because it’s like the biggest art project you could possibly put together. It’s like you put together this mosaic of your music and it’s got to work and flow and be surprising and exciting.”

Who is going to open though? Her previous opening acts, Love and Theft, Gloriana and best friend Kellie Pickler, have other compromises and some are already attached to tour with other artists. Whoever they are, they’re in for a life and career changing experience. Read more in Country Weekly.

Another particular thing we’d like to have is the Speak Now tour dates. There are more than a few that will start selling as early as October 25. New dates include Hong Kong in China, Oberhausen and Munich in Germany and Paris in France. Here’s the known tour dates as well as ticket information links:


Coming up from the recently updated Calendar:

  • October 23: Last chance to send your video entries for the Team Hug contest! Closes at 5pm Eastern time.
  • October 25: Speak Now WORLDWIDE DATE RELEASE (See the Calendar for details)

(Sources: Paul O’Grady Live, Country Weekly)

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  1. I ‘m sooooo agree with you about the microphone of Taylor !
    I wanted to yell my tv like “I WANNA HEAR HER” !!! … but anyway she was cute as usual ♥

  2. “On the other hand, there’s your solid evidence she doesn’t lip synch.”

    Ha Ha!
    For the series “A look from the bright side” Agree with you!!
    But at least they’ve done something not like at the NFL Kickoff 2010!

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