Speak Now has been unleashed. You have been warned.

Speak Now cover
(Source: Big Machine Records)

I am not giving you any lyric spoilers since I know some of you still have to go get it, but it’s out on iTunes. GO GET IT.

iTunes USA

iTunes Canada (Standard Version)

iTunes Canada (Deluxe Edition)

Sorry, US Swifties will have to go to Target to get the Deluxe Edition. If you are in Canada, be aware that iTunes Canada is not naming the two versions differently so if buy them both and you don’t do anything (like renaming it to Speak Now – Deluxe Edition which was my solution) the tracks will mix up. You can still tell them apart by the art (purple is standard, red is deluxe).

Be aware the Deluxe Edition on iTunes Canada doesn’t have the booklet with the lyrics (and codes) or the videos. So you might want to go the standard route and get the physical CD of the Deluxe. Or get everything. Your call.

It is more than good, it’s excellent. It’s fierce. It’s Taylor Swift unleashed. I will give you a proper review after I’ve listened to it a zillion times. Don’t worry I’m working on it.

Anyways, October 25 in order, direct from the Calendar:

  • Click to watch the live stream - Oct. 25 at 7/6c.October 25: Speak Now WORLDWIDE DATE RELEASE on iTunes and on major music retailers around the world.
  • October 25: Tickets go on sale for a lot of tour concert dates! See February and March below for ticket links.
  • October 25: A group of winners of contests held around the world will join Taylor for a private performance at the United Nations in New York City. Taylor Swift Live Stream from New York City will be available on many of MTV Networks’ web properties, including CMT.com, MTV.com, VH1.com and websites across Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America at 7PM Eastern, 6PM Central. Now also available on Ustream.

In case you need to know, the Taylor Swift Live Stream from New York City is:

  • 4PM Pacific Time, if you are in San Francisco, California.
  • 6PM Central Time, if your are in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • 7PM Eastern Time, if you are in New York, New York (or Montreal like I am).
  • Midnight if you are in London, England.
  • October 26, 1AM if you are in Brussels, Belgium.
  • October 26, 10AM if you are in Sydney, Australia.

(Sources: iTunes USA, iTunes Canada (Standard Version), iTunes Canada (Deluxe Edition), Calendar, Target)

Click to watch the live stream - Oct. 25 at 7/6c.