The Speak Now era begins. New look, new dates on Tay to tour Spain!

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Good morning! It feels like a new era has started, doesn’t it? Speak Now is out! Taylor is in New York City and went out to Starbucks to grab her copy according to Just Jared Jr. and USA Today. It’s number one on iTunes just a few hours after its release. Go get it:

iTunes USA

iTunes Canada (Standard Version)

iTunes Canada (Deluxe Edition)

The new version of is up! I loved the fact that users are referred to as swifties in the new version. Taylor connect also gets an upgrade. It feels less like a separate website now. Other than that, my first interest was going to the Tour/Schedule section. There are some new dates that I didn’t have in the Calendar. As usual, gets the last word on tour concert dates.

Click to watch the live stream - Oct. 25 at 7/6c.First, it’s the BMI Awards on November 9. Taylor Swift is going to this one, guaranteed.

Then we have two dates of TV show appearances. in Japan:

I’m guessing she’s doing a lightning visit to Japan based on the proximity of the dates.

Then we have appearances in the UK, which means expect her back on Fundon in December.

That also means she’s not showing up for the Fox Network first ever American Country Awards on December 6. If she wins, she’ll be accepting via satellite.

Let’s take a look at tour dates, I already had this one set between January 16 and 23 due to the The Allure of Taylor Swift contest which ends on October 29.

  • January 21: Royal Caribbean – Allure of the Seas Aquatheater. Get tickets!

So the only real new tour date is Madrid, Spain:

No ticket information yet. Please check the Calendar for more updated information. Official tour dates will appear in

Update: Taylor will also tour Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy. More information coming up.

  • March 6: Speak Now tour in Brussels, Belgium at Forest National.
  • March 7: Speak Now tour in Rotterdam, The Netherlands at Ahoy Rotterdam.
  • March 15: Speak Now tour in Milan, Italy.

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Click to watch the live stream - Oct. 25 at 7/6c.