A band of thieves in ripped up jeans at Hollywood and Highland. And more tour dates!

For a moment today, Taylor Swift and The Agency got to rule the world. From a bus. Or at least Hollywood and Highland.

The song is Long Live as if you didn’t know. I just love that line that goes “cuz for a moment a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule to the world.” Try singing it by yourself – I can’t. You need Taylor to find out how to fit that whole line into that part of the song. And I do tear up when I hear “if you have children some day, when you show them the pictures, please tell them my name.” Great song, and I believe it works great as a closer, as the last song of the night.

What else do I have for you.. oh yeah, this is Taylor in Central Park after Back To December. She hears the usual compliments and then perks up when someone screans “Better Than Revenge is awesome!” Worth to look just to see her reaction! Thanks to @myca13swift for pointing this video out 🙂

Yes, I know of the Ellen Degeneres preview. There’s a link to it on the previous post but I chose not to embed it because it’s one heavy spoiler. The show airs on Monday.

If you haven’t checked the Calendar… well, I will let it go this time. Do you know that Taylor has dates in Ireland? Do you know that there’s tickets available in Singapore and Hong Kong? Does Caitlin Evanson play a mean fiddle?

I’ve taken away all the links from the dates of concerts except the ones that are ticket links to prevent confusion. Here are all the Speak Now tour dates with tickets!

There are more dates than these of course, sorry nothing on the US or Canada yet.

These are the new dates for Northern Ireland and Ireland:

  • March 25: Speak Now tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the Odyssey Arena.
  • March 27: Speak Now tour in Dublin, Republic of Ireland at the O2 Dublin.

Sorry, no tickets for those dates yet. Make sure you keep checking Taylor Swift’s Tour + Schedule for the official info and meanwhile we’ll keep you updated as well.

(Sources: Taylor Swift’s Tour + Schedule)

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