The Fearless Tour will be remembered. Taylor eTalks in Canada! CMAs are coming!

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The Fearless Tour itself won the Billboard Touring Award for Top Package. Here at the Swift Agency we’d like to say to Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler and Gloriana, you will be remembered. You can read more about the other winners on

Rolling Stone magazine devoted an article to Taylor Swift’s latest posts on Twitter from her Speak Now release week. The popular social networking site is one of the most used by fans everywhere to keep track of Taylor’s comings and goings, and was instrumental during the surprise concert that took place in Hollywood and Highland last week. You can read the article in here.

Since Taylor was on the CTV building last November 4, both Canada AM and eTalk also took the chance to talk to Taylor before MuchMusic. Here is her interview with eTalk via tswiftfan13. Thanks for posting! This is one long interview.

According to All Headline News, E! is at work on Taylor Swift’s own E! Entertainment Special, a sort-of-but-not-quite True Hollywood Story. We’re confident that Brad Paisley is not going to be directing it (if you get that reference, give yourself a million Swiftie points – that’s old school). The special airs on E! on December 1st. here’s an interesting reaction from none other than Tim McGraw regarding the VMA incident (can we please forget about it already?) in reference to a certain rapper who’s still growing up.

“My first impression was, you know, you wanna go kick his ass,” McGraw says.

I’m with you there, Tim. Anyways, water under the bridge. forgive and forget. It’s not like Mr. Interruptus is still talking… he is? Really? But shouldn’t he, like shut up already… ok nevermind! Read this one up on Celebuzz if you’re so inclined. I hope he’s not going to bring it up again. I’ve never hear a silence quite this loud.

(Source: MuchMusic)

Taylor Swift was at MuchMusic last November 4, if you missed my experience you might want to read my previous entry. There was a crowding factor there that one might argue it was inevitable. Either way, I felt something needed to be said and I contacted someone on Taylor’s camp. That being said, crowds of fans are always hard to handle, it’s the nature of the beast. I do feel more could have been done, but then again it does require more preparation and investment. The interview itself was a high point – that was not shared with the crowd outside. Neither Taylor nor her management were involved in the organization of the event. There’s possibly an entire editorial I can write about this, but I’m not quite sure there’s any interest after the event has passed.

Coming up in the Calendar!

The BMI Awards on November 9. They’re not televised, as far as we know. We’ll hear from it later.

The 44th Annual CMA Awards ceremony takes place live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. The event airs on ABC on November 10 at 8/7c. Taylor Swift is nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are hosting again. Here’s the promo!

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Watch the 44th Annual CMA Awards Nov 10 8|7c on ABC