Taylor Swift on Chelsea Lately

(Source: E! Entertainment Television)

The Outspoken One sat down for a chat with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately. The show was broadcast tonight on E! Entertainment Television. People got the scoop early. Taylor discussed living on her own and turning 21.

“Living alone you can do so many fantastic things,” Taylor told Chelsea. “You can walk around and have conversations with yourself and like, sing your thoughts… I think I’m the only one who does that.”

She doesn’t plan on partying it up once she hits 21. “I have the deeply ingrained fear of getting into trouble and being sent to the principal’s office of life,” said Taylor. But she is looking forward to a few things: “I get to go to the concerts now that my friends leave me at home for.”

She also revealed using 50 Cent’s songs to pump up with Liz Huett and Caitlin Evanson before concerts. If you’ve read Taylor’s description of her playlist choices on iTunes, you knew about this already. Apparently Disco Inferno is a favorite (the one in her playlist is What Up Gangsta).

Coming up in the Calendar!

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2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift on Chelsea Lately

  1. Thank you for always keeping us up to date on everything! I do have to say, though, that I don’t know if going on Chelsea lately was a great choice for Taylor. Everything Chelsea stands for is the complete opposite of Taylor’s goodness, and every time Chelsea made a nice comment or expressed agreement with Taylor it sounded fake and sarcastic. That’s why people were laughing in the audience. It was painful to watch.
    Looking forward to the Speak Now Thanksgiving Special!

    1. Interesting. I think one of Taylor’s many talents is being much more media savvy that people realize. Regardless of what audience she’s going in front of, she always knows how to reach her fans – and prospective new ones. I’m willing to bet more than a few people were more interested to someone being down to earth and downright honest.

      To tell you the truth I didn’t notice anything fake or sarcastic. When Tay is being interviewed I tend focus on her and tune out the rest – unless she’s on Ellen of course 🙂

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