Tour Talk: Speak Now ticket news for Montreal. Special guest: NeedToBreathe

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I wonder if Taylor and her family are still youtubing funny cat videos. Chances are they’ve probably switched to watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. A big shoutout to Gloriana who was performing at the parade!

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The Montreal Gazette announced tickets to Taylor Swift’s Speak Now tour concert in the Bell Centre on July 14, 2011 will go on sale December 4, 2010. That is next Saturday. Mark your Calendar! Also according to the Evenko press release, NeedToBreathe will be the guest band for Montreal. They rock! No idea if they will be the official opening band for the entire leg of the tour yet. Tickets will be available through the Evenko site.

According to the official news release from, Australia and New Zealand will have dates later in the year. They have not been announced officially yet.

Here’s the video news clip from Artisan News Service announcing the Speak Now tour. There’s a short bit with Taylor and some clips of the Los Angeles bus ride:

And in case you’re wondering if NeedToBreathe was pulled out of thin air, Taylor has referred to loving that band since back in March.!/taylorswift13/status/11292419119

Coming up in the Calendar! The special of all specials!

  • November 25: “Taylor Swift – Speak Now” will document the days of the Speak Now album release including a trip from New York City to Los Angeles, her multiple performances, behind the scenes footage and her concert 30,000 feet in the air on a plane ride across the country. The special airs on NBC at 8PM Eastern Time.

(Sources: Montreal Gazette, Evenko,, Artisan News Service)

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  1. Hopefully the Australian tour dates are released sooner rather than later, I can’t wait to see Taylor back here! 🙂

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