NeedToBreathe officially joins the Speak Now tour. Let us love!


We already reported it last week, but now it’s official: for the entire US/Canada leg of the Speak Now tour the alternative rock band from South Carolina, NeedToBreathe, will be opening for the Outspoken One. Yes, the name of the band is written without spaces.

The members of the band are Bear Rinehart (vocals, guitar, piano), Bo Rinehart (guitar, backing vocals), Seth Bolt (bass, backing vocals) and Joe Stillwell (drums, backing vocals).

You can pick up their latest album The Outsiders on iTunes. The hit you might recognize would be Something Beautiful which was featured in the soundtrack of the movie When In Rome. Personally, I would recommend listening to Prisoner, Girl Named Tennessee, Let Us Love and Stones Under Rushing Water.

“It means a lot to us that Taylor hand-picked us for her Speak Now tour,” said guitarist Bo Rinehart according to The Boot. “Everyone knows she has amazing fans, and we thrive on performing live, especially in front of new audiences.”

Taylor always gets the last word:!/taylorswift13/status/10103331615674368

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(Sources:, The Boot)

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