The ACAs: good performances, strange choices, room for improvement.

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I have a confession to make. I often criticize and make snappy remarks about things I don’t like. If you’re a follower of mine on Twitter you’ve probably heard me go on during award shows. Even then, I’m having a bit of fun. However, last night watching the ACAs was a bit jarring.

The Outspoken One was not present. That made me biased from the start. She didn’t win anything. However, I was still on board to see Lady Antebellum get recognized. They got four awards. Music Video of the Year by a Duo or Group, Single of the Year by a Duo or Group, Single of the Year and Duo or Group Artist of the Year.

The fan voted awards results were obviously known since the beginning of the show since most winners would be ready to perform as they were announced. The performances were good, though strangely enough they were often only half broadcast as the show would pause to go into commercials. Then the artist would have to come back to actually receive the award. There were no envelopes and the trophy was a guitar. Sounds cool, but it’s like giving a surfboard at the Teen Choice Awards: it’s more of a gimmick. In case you’re wondering, they are the same producers. There was hardly any suspense or buildup at all for any of the awards and very few were actually given out during the show.

(Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage)

No artist came to the podium twice. Lady Antebellum walked up the stage only once, and as they did the announcer would simply say the other awards won. It was very hard to follow, because you didn’t know which award was really coming up next. Carrie Underwood won the big one of the night, Artist of the Year. As she walked up they announced she had been the winner of other five: Female Artists of the Year, Album of the year, Female Single of the Year, Touring Headline Package of the Year and Female Music Video of the Year. Carrie holding six trophies would be a cool picture, but since they’re guitars all she can do is stand by them. Please design something people can hold?

Did anybody catch that Brad Paisley won the Male Artist of the Year? That seems like a major award to announce. At least Alan Jackson and Toby Keith got some recognition. It was also nice to see Easton Corbin get some recognition. He was either too excited or his mike was too high but he seemed to be screaming.

I think there are a few things to work on. I still believe in the old envelope. Work a little on glamour there. There was a red carpet that could’ve benefit of the old live stream treatment. Trace with the girls was just… I was going to say more Vegas than country but in the end it just looked tacky. Jeff Dunham and the puppet skits… let me just say I don’t expect a country singer when I go see him on stage. He was out of place at a country awards show.

It was way too obvious this was the first time the organizers were putting together a show and the parts didn’t fit correctly.

I hope Trace Adkins found out the credits did roll on top of his performance and that the organizers cut off the transmission before he finished. I’m kidding. Always. Sometimes.

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3 thoughts on “The ACAs: good performances, strange choices, room for improvement.

  1. I agree with everything. Taylor Swift would’ve been the highlight of the show, even if she just presented someone. That puppet guy was annoying and stupid and they probably just had him on to kill time. Trace Adkins hosting was the best part, even though they totally ignored his request of “not rolling lyrics over his face.” I was really upset that, not only did Tay not win anything, but Miranda Lambert didn’t either!! I have a feeling Carrie voted for herself a lot, because I can’t imagine people voting for her over Miranda AND Taylor.

    The performances should have been done by others, too. It would’ve been cool to see Lady A, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, and other great artists instead of Jason Aldean and that guy who won single by a male artist. Ugh. That awards show needs a LOT of work!!!

  2. of course carrie will win lol…it’s fox home of the american idol lol i’m being mean? haha

    and geez they need promotional stuff, i haven’t known the awards till the eve of the show that’s why i haven’t voted taylor for anything.

    god, the show just sucked, period, it’s like teen/kids choice awards but lamer (lamer? is that a word? lol oh well…).

  3. Usually the females are the ones who make an award show not the best choice for children to watch,but at this one, it was the men’s language that made it not a great family show. The women looked beautiful without appearing almost naked, so men, (Trace), could you clean it up a little?

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