Happy 21st Birthday, Taylor Swift! :)

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Hi, Tay.

Congratulations on your 21st birthday. I’m sure you have plans. I’m sure you will call your friends, family and extended family over and see who can make it to a cozy reunion,

This is the age of maturity, people say. Then again, you’ve been acting mature beyond your years for a long time now. I blame your parents, but mostly I blame you. You’ve always had the tendency to over analyze everything, and look after every little detail. This is a good quality to keep. Thanks to that, you’ve been able to form a career making your own path and at your own pace. You would’ve made a very savvy business woman, and one with a good heart to match.

You’ve chosen to embrace the fact that you are a role model. That has been another wise choice. Hopefully one that doesn’t stress you too much. You probably are used to it by now. That being said, in the road ahead there will be many possible mistakes, some of them unavoidable. Don’t be afraid to make them. Don’t be afraid to let down your guard a little and act your age. If ever you should stumble and trip, remember that it happens and the most important thing is to get up again.

Don’t ever stop goofing off. Don’t ever stop clowning around. It keeps your heart young and it’s contagious. There’s a big difference between keeping it light and acting irresponsibly and I believe you’re aware of the difference more than a lot of us older folk. Backstage and behind the scenes clips of you playing pranks or acting like a goof makes us laugh and laughter keeps people young. Bring it on 🙂

The media and even the public may sometimes try to steer you one way or another but you keep doing what you were doing. Listen to all kinds of music. Diversify your own taste. Keep that country flavor in the mix. You don’t have to sound like anybody else. Swifties will always recognize your voice. It’s natural for your style to grow. Musically there will be a lot of things for you to try. From time to time, go back a step and make sure there’s one Country song in your playlist.

You have made your own career. I don’t know if you notice but you’re making more than just music. In this world of cynics and cold-hearted people it may seem that you have to abandon manners and poise to get somewhere in this world. But sophistication is not what you wear or who you know, or pushing people down to get where you want to go. You’ve proven you can go places while being nice and do it with style.

I’m afraid I have one small expectation from you, and it’s not really small. Quite a big one actually.

I expect you to change the world.

It starts with a small act, a very subtle one. Your specialty is being kind to every one that you meet. That compels those people to be kind to others. So you see, you’ve already started. And you won’t be doing it alone. Nobody changes the world alone. You think globally and act locally.

No pressure! 🙂

And don’t take it too seriously. If there’s one thing I really expect you to do is be happy (although that can change the world too).

Happy birthday, Taylor! Many blessings for you and for all your loved ones!

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January 2011

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  • January 16-23: projected date for the Royal Caribbean International’s The Allure of Taylor Swift 7-night cruise on the Bahamas with one on-board Taylor Swift concert.
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(Sources: The Swift Agency, TaylorSwift.com)

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