Happy Birthday Claire Callaway! :)

We here at the Swift Agency are glad to bend the rules a little bit and highlight someone else in Taylor’s team. After all, we are only just one person who really should stop talking like he’s actually a news agency or something.

Claire Callaway is a member of Taylor Swift’s Fearless Dance Crew. She was born in Huntsville, Alabama on December 21, 1987. She has one daughter, Maddie Lane.  I know there are some rumors that she is dating Grant Mickelson, guitar player for The Agency. This is just a rumor. Ok, primarily fueled by Claire, Grant, everyone else in the Agency and the Fearless Dance Crew, but still a rumor! I just wish the paparazzi would give them a moment’s peace. Just kidding.

Update: Ok, sorry for trying to make a joke and confusing everyone. Yes, Claire and Grant are dating.

Claire had an early birthday celebration on Sunday, December 19 as she had a chance to go bowling with Grant Mickelson, Caitlin Evanson, Elizabeth Huett and Paul Sidoti. With Liz bringing Jason and Paul bringing Ashley, it was almost a couples’ night out. For the record I’m not jealous of Jason. He’s one lucky guy. Liz deserves to be happy!

Charity, Claire and Liz at CMT Artists of the Year

It’s not the first time Claire and Grant step out on the town. Even after the Fearless Tour ended, they remained in touch. Last they were seen at Taylor Swift’s table at the CMT Artists of the Year event along with Charity Baroni and Liz Huett.

We here at the Swift Agency, still one guy that is glad to say that the Taylor Nation, The Agency and The Fearless Dance Crew are all members of Team Swift, wish Claire a happy birthday and hope to see her as part of her Speak Now tour.

And before someone asks, no we have no word on whether the Fearless Dance Crew will come back to the Speak Now tour. We really hope they do. Here’s one picture for the memories. The last time they dressed up for Love Story.

The Fearless Dance Crew
Clifton, Charity, Brandon, Lacey, Claire and Jonathan (Source: Claire Callaway)

I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you…

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(Sources: Twitter, Claire Callaway, Grant Mickelson)

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  1. I`m just wondering..are u sure that Grant Mickelson and Claire Callaway aren`t dating? it looks so..

  2. That’s why I said it was rumor primarily fueled by Claire and Grant. Which doesn’t make it a rumor at all. I have a dry sense of humor. I guess that I lost everyone there. Oh well 🙂

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