She had the best day with you, Andrea. Tay sings medley with SMAP.

(Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty)

Not a lot of news lately, eh? Taylor is busy. She is rehearsing for her upcoming performance above Allure of the Seas on January 21, 2010. We here at the Swift Agency, one to blog it all, think she could take T-Pain and go for a mix of I’m On A Boat. Just kidding. I’d rather see collaborations with country artists to be honest.

Happy birthday to momma Swift! Andrea’s birthday was yesterday, January 10th. No, she doesn’t have a twitter account. Apparently the careful mother and her careful daughter celebrated with a dinner.

After being broadcast in Japan, Taylor’s performance with japanese group SMAP of a medley of Mine and You Belong With Me surfaced on the internet. No, she’s not in Japan right now.

This is actually from her last visit on 2010. I’m not too fond of the pop version of Mine. I believe the song loses a lot of depth when played like that. On the other hand, most of Taylor’s songs sound great acoustic. But that’s just my opinion.

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(Sources: YouTube, Twitter)