I go back to december all the time. Insight and comments on Back To December.

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CMT had a chance to talk to Yoann Lemoine, the director behind Taylor Swift’s video for Back To December. There aren’t any big surprises, but a there’s a particularly colorful reference to an 80’s movie that is probably going to get comments.

If you haven’t seen the video, stop reading right now and watch it first.

Mr. Lemoine was explaining how Taylor’s character in the video seems to feel the cold that her love interest is feeling and chose to make a reference to ET. No, he didn’t mean Entertainment Tonight.

“You know, the way Elliot is connected to E.T. when [Elliot] is at school,” said the director. “When E.T. is drinking but Elliot is feeling that alcohol.”

(Source: Big Machine Records)

Guntars Asmanis, a male model, plays Taylor’s former boyfriend who is shown on the outside scenes filmed in Binghamton’s MacArthur Park. He never met Taylor during the filming.

“Something I really liked about the song was the very emotional side of it, and how I could play with the winter theme of it. Like how there is that parallel between the feelings she is having and the coldness of snow. I wanted to draw out the way that he is outside, but she is the one who is cold because they are connected. He’s freezing, but she’s feeling pain,” he said.

When CMT‘s Alison Bonaguro asked about any scenes of them together, Mr. Lemoine explained his decision not to have any.

“I don’t like that trend. They have broken up. So there is no reason they are together,” he said. “This is what is painful.”

You can read the original article on CMT.

(Source: Big Machine Records)

My take? I think it works. The video follows a completely new direction. Not everyone is going to love this. The entire video is contemplative. There is no developing storyline. It’s the end of a relationship and the song is about regret – there is no resolution. The plot doesn’t really evolve from this.

Taylor looks great in this video, but it’s the beautiful sad look. The glamor is toned down, although I’m sure there will be comments about her bangs. I’ve heard the comment on the absence of flashbacks where we could’ve seen some happiness. I don’t know if that would’ve work. The actor that plays Taylor’s love interest (or ex-love interest in this case) is never shown in the same scenes as the Outspoken One. Like we’ve already found out, they never met.

(Source: Big Machine Records)

This is definitely a minimalistic video. The one special effect is the snow that starts falling inside the house. Taylor is going for a more mature look in this video, but it’s never tasteless nor scandalous. She’s not wearing a lot of clothes but she is not nude. She’s supposed to be in an intimate setting after all. I find it tasteful that on some scenes the camera actually pulls out rather than zoom in.

I believe the video works with the song. I would’ve find an actor a little less pale so she can actually miss his tanned skin though.

In case the video doesn’t sync up for you, Big Machine Records updated a new copy in their YouTube account. Check it out below.

Are there any clues in the video that might make any reference to the actual relationship that inspired the song? You’re welcome to freeze frame and find if there are any. There’s a necklace hanging from the lamp that I’ve seen her use before – the one with the key-shaped pendant. Whether or not they mean anything, I couldn’t really say.

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  1. Love the video, works very well! I couldn’t have seen it any other way. I love the snow inside the house! 🙂 Taylor and Taylor met on the set of Valentine’s Day. They shot most of their scenes on a track and field through out most of the movie. They played high schoolers together. I think this is why he is walking around the track and such, but I could be totally wrong.

  2. Hi, I wanted just to say Hi and to thank you for the amazing work your doing on this site. Its the only site i check out everyday besides taylorswift.com. You ROCK!!!
    I was just wondering if the ninjas (lol) have been able to find any of the videos from taylor E special that aired in december and also the CMA artist of the year!! i hate how we canadians always get left out 😦
    Thanks again for all your amazing work!!!


    1. Hello Courtney. Thanks for your comments! 🙂 Yeah, it’s always like that for us Canadians. At least we could see it on TV when it came out. Other Swifties overseas have yet to see it. Unfortunately, I can’t find a place that has it online anymore.

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