Taylor Swift performs on Allure of the Seas

Hello, Swifties! You might have heard about Taylor flying to Cozumel, Mexico to play on Royal Caribbean’s largest cruise ship, the Allure of the Seas. Caylee offered to be our correspondent on board. She was one of the lucky ones taking the cruise. Thank you!

Here’s part of her story, just as Taylor comes on:

(Source: TaylorPictures.net)

Camera crews walked around everywhere, and the host from the show “the insider” was there getting an exclusive look at the performance. The Aqua theatre filled up in no time, and at 4:50, music started playing. The band came out and took their places. The next thing that you see is a curly blonde walking back stage behind some boxes that covered her completely. The crowd screams, and you suddenly hear “drop everything now.” Taylor Swift walked out in a sparkly silver dress and cow boy boots, walked to the mic, and continues to sing “Sparks fly”. The crowd, the band, and Taylor are all filled with energy, and Taylor looked really excited. The song ended, and she introduced herself. She said how she saw some faces that she saw many times before, and then she saw a lot of new faces.

After that she performed Mine. Here is when the Outspoken One goes into the much awaited performances of Story of Us, Back To December and Better Than Revenge:

(Source: TaylorPictures.net)

She sang “The Story of Us” next, and then it was time for the saddest speech that I personally have ever come out of Taylor’s mouth. She said that she wrote about burning ex boyfriends pictures and boys breaking her heart, but one morning, she woke up and realized she had hurt someone. The next song was her saying sorry to him. “Back to December” was played on the black baby grand piano that the ship had let her use, and she was flawless. At the end of the song, she switched into “Apologize” by One Republic. It was an incredible, unforgettable performance. She went from sad to feeling full of revenge because the next thing that you heard was an up beat tempo and “Now go Stand in the corner and think about what you did.” The big fans in the crowd went insane, and Taylor looked excited to finally sing the song live. “Better than Revenge” was definitely one of the best she sang that late afternoon.

And this is the bit of Taylor going into the audience:

(Source: TaylorPictures.net)

She sang “You belong with Me” and decided to visit some people in the audience without approval from security. She hugged everyone on the right side and talked from the top in the middle of the audience somewhere. She returned to the stage to sing “Long Live,” and in the middle of the song she stopped to introduce Mike, Caitlin, Paul, Grant, Liz, Al, [Amos] and David, who was the newest member of the band.

I loved how she introduced her band during Long Live! She closed with Love Story.

You can read the complete original story here: Taylor Swift performs on Allure of the Seas.

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(Source: Taylor Swift performs on Allure of the Seas)

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  1. Ahhh!!!! This blog and all of them are amazing!
    I wish I could’ve went, it looked like so much fun!
    I can’t wait to see Better Then Revenge on tour, I’m sure she has something amazing planned for it!

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