They would be enchanted to meet you. Meet the EnchantedSwifties!


Hello Swifties! Once in a while I like to aim the spotlight to the seats in the back and highlight the dedication of the members of the Taylor Nation.

This is a collaborative effort of 13 Swifties! No idea why they’d pick that number. Perhaps someone should ask Taylor if it means something to her (actually perhaps they should stop asking her that since we all know why!).

Anyhow… these 13 Swifties formed a YouTube channel called EnchantedSwifties where each week they challenge themselves to do certain tasks throughout the week. The theme is always the Outspoken One, of course. Their ultimate purpose is to get noticed by either Taylor Swift or Ellen Degeneres with the ultimate purpose of meeting Taylor herself.

Here’s one of their latest videos from Fearless Saturday:

We here at the Swift Agency, where we’re only one guy and a Ninja Department that is always empty (or is there? Dun dun duuuun) would like to wish them luck 🙂

On other news, the guys from A Hug From Taylor Swift, who now call themselves TeamHug are going on a new adventure called #BieberExperiment. You can guess what that one is about. Follow this link if you’re interested in finding out more. We’re kind of devoted to the blonde with the guitar, but we wish you guys the best on the new venture.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • February 4: Tickets go on sale to the general public for St. Louis, Missouri at Scottrade Center.
  • February 9: Speak Now tour in Singapore, Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Click here for ticket info.
  • February 11: Tickets go on sale to the general public for Kansas City, Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • February 11: Speak Now tour in Seoul, South Korea at the Gymnastic Gymnasium. Click here for ticket info.

(Source: EnchantedSwifties, TeamHug)