Tour Talk: This week for Newark, Washington D.C., St. Louis and Nashville

You should know the presale codes for Newark, Washington D.C., St. Louis and Nashville have been sent for the presale happening on February 1st. Check your email! If you don’t have it yet, don’t fret. Some servers are slower than others. Take a deep breath now.

Scottrade Center has confirmed the two dates for St. Louis, Missouri (August 13 and August 14). Both are now going to be on general sale on February 4 and both will be included on the presale according to Ticketmaster.

On February 1st, that’s tomorrow, you go to Ticketmaster to use your code. Actually, the email you get will have a link (you have to click on the picture) that you can click to get there, but there should be an access for the presale on the main website as well. It’s not going to be there now. Wait until tomorrow. Yes, I know you can’t wait. Been there. I’d advise you try to get to the website a little beforehand. At some point before ten, there will be a “waiting room” that opens. It’s not a line, but you want to be inside that room before 10am hits. Good luck!

Please don’t share your presale code with people you’re not familiar with.

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(Sources: Ticketmaster, Scottrade Center)

2 thoughts on “Tour Talk: This week for Newark, Washington D.C., St. Louis and Nashville

  1. Help! I got the presale email for the Nashville concert but when I click the link it doesn’t give me anywhere to put the code in… It just has the American Express presale code. Any insight?

    1. The presale link doesn’t work until tomorrow. About an hour before the presale, it will actually allow you to go in and start waiting 🙂 Good luck!

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