Tour Talk: New dates for Newark! Presales for Orlando, St. Paul, St. Louis, Edmonton and Vancouver!

(Credit: Naomi Kaltman/Corbis Outline for Country Weekly)

Today is February 5. In four more days, the Speak Now World Tour kicks off in Asia with the first ever concert in Singapore! We here at the Swift Agency, where we are only on guy who’s recovering from a cold and appreciates all the good wishes, couldn’t be more excited. We hear The Agency (the real one) are slowly making their way to Singapore. Unless she’s doing more interviews, the Outspoken One is on her way over there as well.

The two Newark dates of July 19 and July 20 sold out! To compensate, two new concert dates have been added. July 23 and July 24 in Newark, New Jersey at the Prudential Center go on sale February 11. According to, there will be an American Express presale on February 6 and the presale on February 8.

The Washington D.C, St. Louis and Nashville concert dates that went for sale yesterday have sold out as well. No new dates have been announced. Tickets may still be found through reseller sites, but I advice you to wait a bit. It’s possible a new date in your area may open. If you have to risk using reseller sites the price will be very steep right now. They usually go down as the concert closes in (they will make a profit anyway, though). It’s always better to try to get into the presale.

And speaking of presales, there’s a few announced on

  • Orlando, Florida (June 4) will have both the American Express and the presale on February 8.
  • St. Paul, Minnesota (June 14) will have the American Express presale on February 8. The presale has not been announced, but odds are it will be February 8 as well.
  • St. Louis, Missouri (September 24) will have the Club Level and Chiefs Season Ticket Holder presales on February 7 and the presale on February 8.
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (August 18) will have both the American Express and the presale on February 8.
  • Vancouver, British Columbia (September 10) will have both the American Express and the presale on February 8.

That means you will get your presale information for all these dates on February 7. Mark that date so you get the info for February 8, which is a Tuesday. I know, it sucks. Presale dates will start 10:00am of the local time for each location.

Please be aware that Tulsa, Oklahoma (September 21) is not yet on but it should be soon. Since it matches the dates above, the presale date will probably also be February 8. This is just my guess. You can see the event is scheduled on the BOK Center.

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