The Outspoken One’s arrival to Singapore! It’s the start of the Speak Now world tour


Singapore Swifties can’t believe it yet. Just yesterday, February 6, Taylor Swift was arriving in Singapore’s airport along with the Agency and the rest of her entourage.

judging by the numerous tweets from The Agency, she wasn’t the only one excited to be there. Grant Mickelson and Elizabeth Huett already went for a run as well as Amos Heller. They’ve been absorbing the local customs and learning a bit of slang and Singlish.

Here’s Taylor’s first ever arrival at Singapore’s airport to the delight of all the local Swifties.

Taylor Swift and Caitlin Evanson were spotted backstage at Janet Jackson’s Singapore concert today, February 7. Her first ever concert in Singapore and the first concert of her Speak Now world tour will take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on February 9.

To the numerous Swifties involved in tomorrow’s presale, the emails just went out tonight. If you haven’t received your email with the presale info, it should be on its way. Make sure you keep check tonight! All cities involved in the last post should be getting their codes. If you are an email subscriber of mine, you should check the last entry again since it has been updated since the entry was sent.

(Source: Country Weekly)

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