Inside Speak Now: Taylor Swift kicks off the Speak Now world tour in Singapore!

Fearless / I'm Yours

Note: The following post contains concert details. Don’t read if you prefer to be surprised in your concert!

Singapore got their Taylor on! Here at the Swift Agency, we’re one guy that still gets confused by timezones, but the night of February 9 already hit Singapore like a full-on rainstorm to a house of cards. She’s definitely doing the acoustic version of Fearless with an ukelele and mixing in I’m Yours, so look forward to that if you’re going.

The international version of the Speak Now tour does not include a dance crew. You do get Taylor Swift and The Agency in the house. The Outspoken One did managed to setup a great looking stage, with an elevated platform. I haven’t seen the turrets from the Fearless Tour on any of the clips. Is this the final look of the stage? We’ll have to see. She managed to surprise the audience a couple of times. We haven’t heard of any on-stage costume changes, but she did change her look several times. She did appear in the middle of the crowd and walked through them shaking hands and giving out hugs.

Here is the set list for the Singapore concert:

  • Mine

    Sparks Fly

  • Mine
  • The Story of Us
  • Back to December/Apologize/You’re Not Sorry
  • Better Than Revenge
  • Speak Now
  • Fearless/I’m Yours
  • Fifteen
  • You Belong with Me
  • Dear John
  • Enchanted
  • Long Live
  • Love Story

After Love Story she exited the stage by jumping into a mattress. She did do the T-Party after! Some lucky Singapore Swifties got to go 🙂


I also expect this set list to vary depending on what time she’s allocated. I hope Tim McGraw gets added back in a longer version, as well as the new tracks Last Kiss and Haunted. Taylor is not bringing along opening acts during the international version, instead she’s picking local talent for the events.

Taylor has been hinting at a different stage since the Fearless Tour, and at creating some elaborated setup (for playing the Speak Now track she’s even thought about a wedding scene). Expect both a new stage and a dance crew for the US/Canada leg of the tour. Hopefully she will also add these for some of the overseas concerts with major venues that can accomodate it.

We’d like to thank Jordan from for the pictures as well as the folks from Taylor Swift On Tour for compiling and sharing feedback from the concert. Nice work!

Want to see the opening? DO NOT PLAY IF YOU DON”T WANT TO SEE IT! Here you go:

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • Taylor with Singapore fansFebruary 11: Tickets go on sale for Ft. Lauderdale/Sunrise, Orlando, St. Paul, Newark, Edmonton, Vancouver and Kansas City. Click here for ticket info. For Des Moines, please check with For Tulsa, please check with the BOK Center or
  • February 11: Speak Now tour in Seoul, South Korea at the Gymnastic Gymnasium. Click here for ticket info.
  • February 13: Speak Now tour in Osaka, Japan at Osaka-Jo Hall. Sold Out.
  • February 16: Speak Now tour in Tokyo, Japan at Budokan Hall. Sold Out.
  • February 17: Speak Now tour in Tokyo, Japan at Budokan Hall. Sold Out.

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5 thoughts on “Inside Speak Now: Taylor Swift kicks off the Speak Now world tour in Singapore!

  1. Thanks for posting this! The concert was indeed awesome and I really hope that the Singapore fans gave Taylor a good time as well!! The Agency rocked as usual. Caitlin had an awesome violin solo during enchanted!

    P.s. I’m actually in the last picture! I’m wearing glasses and holding up the black phone in the background and you can see my silly grin witnessing the awesomeness that is taylor ;P

  2. Any idea how long the set was as song wise it looks a bit short is there any songs missing.
    Am sure I heard Taylor say in one of the allure of the seas after videos that she would be doing 2 hours.

    1. There are songs missing, specially from the first album. It was never released in Singapore, so I think that’s why they were not included. I’m hoping the setlist is longer for the US/Canada leg of the tour.

      1. I hope for a longer setlist as well when she visits the UK, 13 songs does appear a bit short for a artist as big as Taylor is now, 18-20 is what I was expecting
        Haunted and Mean should have been played from the new album plus a few old classics like change, forever and always, should have said no, tell me why which have proven to be grrat live tracks in the past that get the crowd going.

        There was an interview she did after the allure of the seas gig where she said the allure setlist was a cut down version of her new tour setlist. But when you compare both setlists there are only 2 extra songs played in singapore that she did not play on the allure gig (Enchanted and Dear John) hence the confusion.

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