Inside Speak Now: The Outspoken One is twice enchanted at Budokan


Note: Please notice that this entry is going to go into concert details and video of a Speak Now concert. Please stop reading right now if you’d rather be surprised at your concert.

Hello, Swifties! Tokyo was enchanted twice with the Outspoken One who played at the legendary Budokan Hall for two dates, both of them sold out. Normally, I don’t over emphasize images. As a blogger, I can rely on my disclaimer for a minimal use of images for the purpose of commentary. However is providing very beautiful images of the Speak Now Tour that I feel confident enough in sharing. I can’t help but highlight them in a larger format. The image copyright is retained by 13 management. I don’t claim ownership over these.

The pictures also reveal a little more about how the stage is setup. I love this stage. Taylor has opted for a clean high platform with only one straight staircase. Al’s drum set which during the Fearless Tour concerts would remain mostly at the top as a permanent fixture, is now set below. The upper level also hosts light show equipment and allows a more visible Taylor all the time. Haven’t seen an elevator. The walls of the platform are no longer screens but curtains and there’s at least one access inside right next to the staircase. Curtains are also hanged from the ceiling extending the stage’s look and feel. It seems simpler than the Fearless stage, but also larger. Taylor still uses a T catwalk that extends up front, creating both pit areas to the side. I love this catwalk because people to the sides of the stage are sometimes given a limited view due to sound equipment or just the venue’s layout and the T allows for both Taylor and the Agency to walk into view.


Lights and steam really transform this stage a lot more than before. From this angle, you can see it really seems larger. Will Taylor keep the same look, add new stuff or bring the previous stage back for the US/Canada leg of the tour is anybody’s guess. The other question that plagues Taylorgeeks like me (Like the term? I made the term up for Swifties that geek out on every single detail – we’re kind of a subgroup) is whether or not she will include a dance crew at some point. Will the Fearless Dance Crew or part of it make a comeback for the Speak Now tour? We will have to wait to find out.

Here’s some more footage from Taylor’s Tokyo concerts at Budokan.

The Outspoken One will probably be traveling soon. She’s expected at her first ever stop in the Philippines. Tokyo Swifties will be in the difficult transition from being the hosts for the Sparkly Dressed to saying goodbye. The hardest thing to do.

The Speak Now Tour concert in September 27 date has been updated to say Tacoma, Washington (it used to say Seattle – perhaps a change of venue?) on It also has been set for the general on-sale on February 25. I’ve also received word (thanks, Bob!) that Dallas’ Cowboy Stadium will have a presale for American Express on Sunday, February 20. So chances are high it belongs to the same batch but we’re awaiting official confirmation. No word on the presales for any of the dates yet.

(Source: INF Daily)

A picture of Taylor Swift has recently surfaced from her vacation time in the Bahamas. I believe this must be from last year. I decided to post this here because it’s a cute picture but it doesn’t warrant a full new entry. She’s wearing a bathing suit. Some websites need to grow up.

Going back to current events, the Forever and Always Fearless One as well as The Agency are expected anxiously in the Philippines at any time now.

Tomorrow is the general on sale for a lot of dates! See the list below. If you didn’t manage to get any seats in the presale, try again tomorrow. The sale starts at 10am local time of the venue you’re aiming for.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • February 18: Tickets for Columbus, Milwaukee, Hartford, Greensboro, Knoxville, Louisville, Charlotte, Grand Rapids, Portland, New Orleans and Lexington go on sale for the general public.
  • February 19: Speak Now tour in Manila, Philippines at Araneta Coliseum. Click here for ticket info.
  • February 21: Speak Now tour in Hong Kong, China at AsiaWorld-Expo. Click here for ticket info.
  • February 25: Tickets for Omaha, Buffalo and Tacoma go on sale for the general public.
  • February 26: Caitlin Evanson‘s Birthday.


8 thoughts on “Inside Speak Now: The Outspoken One is twice enchanted at Budokan

  1. Hey…love the new term too.
    Our radio station in vancouver talked about this guy in Alabama who posted a video and song asking taylor to go with him to his prom. Check it out!
    I thought if you liked it you might post it and the guy could have a great chance at taylor seeing it, since grant and amos have both checked out your site and have tweeted you.

    Thanks again for everything you do for us TAYLORGEEKS. I love your site and check it out daily!

    206 days till my dream of seeing taylor!!!!

    Forever and Always Courtney From Vancouver

  2. i am pretty sure that bahamas picture isn’t taylor. no offense, but i think she is thinner than that, and lighter. if anyone, that is liz.

    1. There is a close up version of this picture, and you can see she’s quite thin actually. I’ve chosen not to post that one, but other websites have it. The source is INF (Insight News & Features). You can see a close up at

    2. It certainly is not Liz, Taylor is tall anmd thin, just like the girl in the photo, and if you look close you can see its taylors face.
      I dont see why the press would lie and pretend its Taylor if it was not, there would be no logic in this.
      I am 100% sure this is tayor.

  3. I love the new live set, hope she dont bring back dancers e.t.c for the UK leg of the tour as that will distract from Taylor and the band. I hope she extends her set by 20 minutes or so to play some more songs. UK critics normally give US artists a hard time and playing only 13 songs wont go unnoticed and I fear she will get bad publicity for it. Taylor is not that big in the UK so want the UK press to give her good reviews to help her get a bigger fan base here in the UK.

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