The Speak Now Asian Tour rocks. The Sparkly Dressed arrives in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Airport Arrival

The Asian Tour has been going full steam ahead! Here at the Swift Agency, one guy that wouldn’t mind catching on some sleep, we’re glad for all the Swifties in Asia to finally have Taylor visit.

Taylor arrived in Hong Kong to a warm reception. As most countries in Asia, China is a first time host of the Sparkly Dressed. The concert takes place on February 21. Let’s hope Taylor and the Agency have a chance to check out some sites. The picture comes to us from via

Hong Kong, China is the last destination of the Asian chapter of the Speak Now World Tour. Europe is coming up, with Brussels being the first destination on March 6.


Speaking of the Asian Tour, has more pictures of the second concert at Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. You might want to head over there. There’s some crazy good pictures.

According to the Philippine Star, her last concert in Manila was a complete success. The review is most generous and I’m not going to mention any concert details but it seems to have gone as smoothly as the rest of the tour. We do hear security was very strict. You can chalk that up to the organizers, being the first time Taylor was there. I think I’m not giving anything away by saying there was a T-Party after the concert. I’m glad 🙂


Coming up in the Calendar!

  • February 21: Speak Now tour in Hong Kong, China at AsiaWorld-Expo. Click here for ticket info.
  • February 25: Tickets for Omaha, Buffalo and Tacoma go on sale for the general public.
  • February 26: Caitlin Evanson‘s Birthday.

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