Inside Speak Now: Hong Kong will be remembered! Taylor wins over Asia

(Source: Associated Press)

Note: As usual, we’d like to remind you all “Inside Speak Now” articles reveal concert details.

The Speak Now World Tour has finished its first leg: Asia. The funny thing is, it’s just getting started! Hong Kong had the privilege of being the closing concert. You can read the original article on Daily Mail.

Taylor Swift and The Agency couldn’t believe this was the last concert of their first Asian Tour. Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who doesn’t really deserve all the positive feedback he gets, want to agree. It seemed to go by pretty fast. Although, for all the Swifties in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and China it never seemed the day would arrive until they had Taylor playing a concert in their home country.

Here’s the Sparkly Dressed featured in a video article from Associated Press, where she learns all the milestones she has reached in Asia right before her Hong Kong concert. Concert footage included.

Taylor Swift and all her entourage are on their way back home to Nashville. They will have a brief time home before starting their European adventure.

(Source: Associated Press)

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(Sources: Associated Press, Daily Mail)