Lady Antebellum’s Grammy week, Mallary Hope at the Bluebird Cafe and Gloriana to play the White House

Lady Antebellum at the Wildhorse Saloon

Here at the Swift Agency (still one guy, ha ha) we like to highlight the work of a few other people as well. Lately it’s been all about Taylor’s Speak Now World tour and the tickets going on sale, so I’m a little behind.

Have you seen Taylor’s latest vlog yet? 🙂

Lady Antebellum posted this webisode that I’ve been meaning to highlight the past week. This is all about their incredible week at the Grammy Awards. You can see the latest webisodes at Lady

Here’s the very talented Mallary Hope at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. She’s rocking the place!

We need some more songs from you, Mal! You can get more info on Mallary at and

Gloriana is performing at the White House! According to, they will be part of the The Motown Sound performances. They’re set to play a rendition of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. You can see the performances online here at 7:00pm EST.


Coming up in the Calendar!

  • February 25: Tickets for Omaha, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Tacoma and Dallas go on sale for the general public.
  • February 26:Caitlin Evanson‘s Birthday.

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