When you feel the world is crashing. An editorial. #PrayForJapan

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Hello, Taylor Nation. Every once in a while, I stop hiding in the curtains just for a bit and do an editorial. Usually, it’s about my opinion or my thoughts inspired by some aspect of the Outspoken One. Sometimes it’s a rant, sometimes it’s something I want to tell all Swifties, sometimes it’s a direct letter to Taylor, but always it’s me writing a lot.

This is a new one for us here at the Swift Agency. It’s about world events.

After a reported 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit the center of Japan this Friday, March 11, a tsunami swept through the northeastern coast causing an unprecedented amount of damage. A high amount of casualties are expected. You can read the full story on Reuters. The pictures are of Japanese Swifties taken during the happier days of Taylor in Japan.

(Source: TaylorSwift.com)

So why is news in a blog dedicated to Taylor Swift and The Agency? Mainly, because we all live in this world. I am not writing this because Taylor played Japan in her Asian Tour. I am writing it because when you are moved by a tragedy that affects the world we live in, and you have a little of a voice (albeit through a small blog like mine) it’s a bit of a waste to dim that spotlight. I am also writing it because we’re all a part of the Taylor Nation, and the people of Japan, may they be Swifties or not, can use every bit of support that they can get.

I’m always trying to put a little bit of a personal spin on this blog. I am aware it’s a celebrity/entertainment blog at its core, but it’s mine so I don’t really need to follow the pattern of a million other gossip ones. I think it’s very easy to write about celebrities and entertainment, be shallow and not have a conscience. I think it’s close to impossible to write about Taylor Swift, a person who is not oblivious to the world around her, and not grow a conscience if you didn’t have one already.

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So let’s forget the celebrity angle for a bit. The fans in these pictures are human. A lot of them will have their lives changed forever after this. I don’t want to say “let’s help people because Taylor wants it” but rather, we’ve gotten to know the world is a much smaller and a lot more connected place just reading about the world travels of a certain Blonde With A Sparkly Guitar, and what we’ve seen as foreign has become friendly and familiar to us. Why not help these friends?

Sometimes it takes a bit of a sacrifice, so before I ask you to do that something I’m not doing here’s a little story of mine. I’ve been buying tickets to a few concerts lately (I have my tickets for Speak Now already, don’t worry about it) and I had this three-day country festival in mind over here in Canada. I was waiting for my next paycheck, to pay some bills and buy VIP tickets. I’m already going to a couple of concerts this year. Japan could use that money a lot more. This is not a big sacrifice.

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I have just donated the money that I would’ve spent to go to that festival to the Red Cross. You can do this through your local chapter. If you’re in Canada, here’s the link. For the United States, go to http://www.redcross.org.

It’s not wrong to go to a concert, it’s not wrong to like celebrities. You can have fun and have a conscience too. And by the way, I notice the tag #PrayForJapan is trending on Twitter. Some people say, prayer is the most important thing we can do. Other people say, we’d be better off helping than praying.

I think we can do both 🙂

Update! Please check the Google Crisis Response site if you want to donate, help, find someone or be found regarding the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Here’s the Fearless One singing Better Than Ezra’s Breathless for the Hope For Haiti telethon in 2010.

We here at the Swift Agency, one guy who still kinda thinks he could have skipped on paying bills instead, will be back with news from the Outspoken One on the next entry. Thanks for reading!

(Sources: Reuters, Red Cross, Twitter, The Swift Agency)

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  1. Makes me proud to be a Swifty and to be able to make a difference along with others who share the same passion as I. Thanks for the moving and honest sharing of your heart.

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