Inside Speak Now: Taylor Swift visita Madrid, España. You have my heart!

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Note: Yes, this is another inside look into a Speak Now concert. You know the drill. If you’d rather not see any videos, comments or details about the Speak Now concert, you should stop reading this now.

Taylor Swift visited Spain for the first time ever. La cantante que os pide que hables ahora o calles para siempre se presentó en el Palacio de Deportes en Madrid, España. Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who does count Spanish as one of the few languages I can speak (now), are very glad for the Spanish Swifties who finally got the chance to have the Outspoken One in their country. Thanks to Taylor Swift News for the pictures.

The Sparkly Dressed played on the night of March 19, showing herself as a solid live performer on stage, expressive and devoted to her audience. It was not a full stadium, but that didn’t deter in any way the 4,000 fans that sang along to every word of Taylor’s lyrics. You can read the full review at

Why yet another inside article? Well, Taylor managed to say a phrase in Spanish: “Mi español no es muy bueno, pero me encanta Madrid” (my spanish is not very good but I love Madrid). Yes, she picked a word for love that also means enchanted. Here’s the video, right before she goes into Story Of Us.

On less exciting news, the setlist continues to be the same (13 songs, none from her first album), and the concert time appears to clock at one hour and a half. I really hope she extends the setlist and time for the larger venues.

Taylor Swift is up for the Academy of Country Music’s fan-voted Entertainer of the Year award. Please vote for Taylor Swift on! :)

(Source: Latest Taylor Swift News)

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  1. How long was her set on the fearless tour? I would be disappointed if it was that short in the us/Canada leg. 174 days and counting

    1. Her setlist for the Fearless Tour was 16 songs. I hope she expands her set a little more on the US/Canada leg of the Speak Now tour. I’m counting on it.

  2. Wow…it sure was awesome, I’d have gone but I live in Sevilla which is 600km away from Madrid and my parents didn’t let me go…
    I was really happy and excited when I saw the videos of her concert 🙂
    I really hope she comes back! hahaha
    I lovelovelove this website, I check it every day 🙂 you’re a good writer 😉

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