The reviews are in. The Speak Now concert in Birmingham, England!

(Source: Latest Taylor Swift News)

The Sparkly Dressed played her first Speak Now Tour concert in the UK. The setting was Birmingham at LG Arena, the Nec on the evening on March 22.

Just a little note here. Although this is not an inside look, and I’ll keep specific details off this post, the reviews may be a little more revealing. I can’t guarantee the reviews mentioned are spoiler-free if you follow the links to the original stories.

So, what’s the verdict? Well, the reviews are in and… ok, let’s stop for a second. Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who may sometimes take this Taylor/Agency reporting a little too seriously, have a bit of an issue with a review when it’s not a review. In other words, in a review I do expect a little more than just an account of the events. I expect an opinion. Lately I’ve been reading a few reviews that lack just that.

From the Birmingham Post, there’s one opinion in the whole article, stating Taylor “the country star may be as glamorous as a model, but she’s not just a pretty face.” It’s a positive opinion, but I always have a bit of a bone to pick when reviewers seem to be a bit reluctant to compromise into “good” or “bad” or perhaps I’m just splitting straws. Don’t be afraid to say you like Taylor. Give in. Join us (bwahaha! *cough*). Ok, I’ll stop.

(Source: Latest Taylor Swift News)

The Daily Star was the same. Its review does have one compliment if you can find it: “the multiple award-winning singer was note-perfect as she sashayed through outfit changes…” We’ll let them off the hook for that one.

The Express and Star was a lot more of a review, and it was all good. Taylor, and I quote, “bounded onto the LG arena stage last night full of energy, glamour and attitude.” Now that’s more like it. Ok, they got the starting song wrong. She opens with… oops, not an inside look. Sorry. We’ll do one soon. They also added that the Outspoken One, “proved she can be both rock chick and pop princess.” And this one I particularly love this one: “What, however, was most impressive was not her looks but her musical talent…”

Big shoutout to Latest Taylor Swift News for the pictures 🙂

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The Outspoken One also performed a concert for BBC Radio 2 at Abbey Road studios in London. The concert will be broadcast tomorrow on Radio 2. After that, you will be able to see highlights here. It’s possible that those highlights are visible depending on region, so a few of us might have to wait for YouTube links. We’ll see.

(Source: Latest Taylor Swift News)

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(Sources: Birmingham Post, Daily Star, Express and Star, Latest Taylor Swift News, BBC Radio 2)

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  1. I went to the concert in Birmingham and made a little review myself! It’s a blog piece all about going to the show.

    My friend and I thought that the show was fantastic, and we don’t understand how more people of our age are not into her music. It’s true to life, upbeat, and she has the knack for writing great songs. Well done Taylor!

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