Inside Speak Now: Taylor moves like a full-on rainstorm in Belfast, Ireland

(Credit: David Fitzgerald/Belfast Telegraph)

Note: Hear ye, hear ye. This be a warning to you against reading this entry since it contains details from inside a Speak Now Tour concert. If you want to be surprised at your concert, drop every- I mean, stop reading. You have been warned.

The Outspoken One played Belfast, Ireland on March 25 as part of her Speak Now Tour in Europe to great acclaim. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Taylor “was the belle of the ball last night as she thrilled a sell-out crowd at the Odyssey Arena.” Although the critic does make allusions at Taylor being more pop than country and considered some acts a bit self indulging he does give Taylor her dues. In the end he believed Taylor performed an enjoyable show and proved why she’s one of the biggest selling performers today. Heck, he even gives her one very honest compliment: “She even had some of us dads tapping our feet at the end.” You can read the entire review at Belfast Telegraph.

There’s also a short note on the Mirror on the same concert.

So here’s something that you probably already know. The Europe Tour is keeping the same setlist than the Asian Tour. 13 songs in total. One of the questions we (meaning our staff of one person) always get is, will Taylor extend her concert setlist for the North American leg? We hope! But we don’t know.

This is Taylor Swift’s encore, Love Story, to close the concert in Belfast.

Taylor Swift is up for the Academy of Country Music’s fan-voted Entertainer of the Year award. Please vote for Taylor Swift on! 🙂

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • March 27: Speak Now tour in Dublin, Republic of Ireland at the O2 Dublin. Sold Out.
  • March 29: Speak Now tour in Manchester, England at the Manchester Evening News Arena.
  • March 30: Speak Now tour in London, England at the O2 Arena.

(Sources: Belfast Telegraph, Mirror)

One thought on “Inside Speak Now: Taylor moves like a full-on rainstorm in Belfast, Ireland

  1. I like pop, country, country/pop even more and lots of types of music. I love music altogether and chronologically I guess, compared to the majority of her UK fans, I’m also a more mature fan and a guy, not a dad though, but I do appreciate real talent. I also like a classical element thrown in with good musical and orchestral arrangements and she’s got that too. The extended version of Enchanted is so beautiful in every way. She’s got it just right. She performed to absolute perfection when I saw her at Birmingham. Critics, that couldn’t do anything like she does, always have to criticise and they can miss the point by a mile. I love good music, but don’t try to give a pretentious self opinionated commentary, but a real account, the way it is.
    Taylor is special. She’s unique, so talented doing all her song writing and really meaningful lyrics at that, playing instruments well, which is a real talent in itself and choreography, as well as singing to perfection. She’s also very real genuine person. I watched back videos of her Birmingham concert, as well as other venues she’s played already and you can see her very real appreciation for her fans; that’s not artificial or manufactured, but a very real genuine artist who is also a real nice person.

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