Ever heard silence quite this loud? Speak Now tour will be completely different!

(Source: ACM Awards)

Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who never grew up, we know that the rumor mill has been working overtime. We’re giving Taylor some personal space to breathe. We’ll focus on her career, her music and the Speak Now Tour.

Interviewed by LA Times Pop & Hiss backstage at the 46th ACM Awards, Taylor revealed how her tour experience overseas will affect the North American leg of the tour. “It’s a completely different stage for the U.S. tour, where we’re having a completely different tour put together,” revealed the Outspoken One. It’s funny how when Taylor acknowledges the work of other artists that have gone before her, some writers call it honoring and other people call it name-dropping.

“We’ll be rehearsing for six weeks for that, with the knowledge of what works with crowds from the European and Asian tours,” she said. “It’s so wonderful to have that in our back pocket for putting together the American tour.”

“I’m so excited,” said the Sparkly Dressed and confessed, “and really, really hungry.”

You can read the original article at LA Times Pop & Hiss.

Here’s Taylor performing an acoustic version of Story Of Us at BBC Radio 1‘s The Lounge.

Here’s the Tonight Show’s backstage interviews with Dwayne Johnson and Taylor Swift from NBC.com. She also mentions here that the US tour (we hope the Canada tour concerts are included) will be completely different.

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Different how? We’ll have to wait until the first show to see the changes. That’s in Omaha, Nebraska on May 27. So we wait. Is it killing you like it’s killing me?

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • April 8: General ticket sales for North Little Rock, Oklahoma City, San Diego, Memphis, Tampa, Miami, Raleigh, Denver, Salt Lake City and New York City.
  • April 22: CBS airs the Academy of Country Music special Girls’ Night Out: Superstar Women of Country.
  • April 30: Grant Mickelson‘s Birthday.
  • May 27: Elizabeth Huett‘s Birthday.
  • May 27: Speak Now tour in Omaha, Nebraska at Qwest Center. Sold Out.

(Sources: LA Times Pop & Hiss, NBC.com, BBC Radio 1)

One thought on “Ever heard silence quite this loud? Speak Now tour will be completely different!

  1. I am a UK Swifty who saw Taylor in Madrid (long story) and she was PHENOMENAL. The arena wasn’t too full but the crowd was amazing, which meant I could get really close to the stage and have a blast without getting crushed by other fans. It’s how I imagine it used to be when she came to London and did smaller shows a couple of years back. I didn’t miss the dancers much from the Fearless tour, since The Agency are so entertaining to watch and so talented anyway.

    BUT BUT BUT I am extremely disappointed that the US is getting a different tour with more songs and a different stage, because although I adored the European show, I have a feeling that the US one will be even better. I think her management are concerned that if she seems too Country, much of Europe won’t be able to relate, but speaking on behalf of lots of UK fans, we prefer the country version of the songs, and were gutted that she didn’t play Mean!

    Here’s to hoping that she comes back to London soon with the full show and an opening act at the end of the US tour, like she did in November 2009 on the Fearless tour. ❤

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