The videos of Mean and Story Of Us will be coming soon!

(Source: ANG/Fame Pictures)

Hello Taylor Nation! Here at the Swift Agency, one guy that hopes to make it big so he has someone to do laundry for him someday, we’re not much for stories without a proper source. However, sometimes we have to get bits and pieces here and there to get half a story.

Last week, Dreamland Talent Group, via their twitter account, announced they were casting parts for Taylor Swift’s music video for Mean to be shot April 11 and April 12 in LA. The original post is gone, but the there’s one left behind asking people to stop emailing them. Apparently whatever parts were available were cast rather quickly.

We’re in less shaky ground when we talk about Story Of Us, There’s an actual entry in Videostatic for a video shoot in production made on April 15. The status is “booked” which I guess means it has/had a schedule. More important than that, it names the director, Noble Jones. His work includes Keith Urban’s Till Summer Comes Around and Michael Buble’s Feeling Good.

Since these are not really news sites, how can we imply that a video has even been shot? Well… because Taylor said so and that’s the bottom line:!/taylorswift13/status/59492369954910209

She didn’t say which one though, or even clarified if she’ll be doing more than one. But there was a backstage interview at the ACM Awards where she mentioned she was going to be shooting “a few music videos”. That sounds very plural to me.

In other news, the Sparkly Dressed talked a bit to E! News about the US leg of her Speak Now tour.

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