Inside Speak Now: Videos from Omaha’s Qwest Center

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Warning: Really, really, really avoid this post if you want to be surprised at your concert! This is an inside look at the Speak Now concerts in Omaha, Nebraska.

Hello Taylor Nation!

We here at the Swift Agency, one guy who eats late because he spends too much time blogging, can’t help but find media about the two Speak Now concerts at Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska. There’s a bunch of pictures going around, but it’s hard not to look at the videos.

(Source: Tumblr)

You could always just look at the pictures and not the videos… right? My best advice for this post would be not to look at the videos at all… or pick one, but not all of them. However, I know that for some fans that are not going to be able to see the show the videos are the only peek they get. So that’s why I’m posting this.

Did you know the Speak Now Dance Crew has actually eight members? The girls are: Charity Baroni, Claire Callaway, Kristin Denehy, Marlyn Ortiz and Kerri Wee. The three guys are: Justin Boulet, Dominique Kelley and Fer Miro.

Update! Thanks Abbee. Seems that I forgot Meredith Ostrowsky and Kristin Denehy is the choreographer. Hopefully I can clear it up somehow. We’ll see 🙂

Okey that’s all. Nothing else to see. Go do your homework. These are not the droids you are looking for. Move along.

Here is the opening with Sparks Fly. My advice is to not look at it.

Here is one of the strongest performances both vocally and visually of the night. This is Haunted. SKIP IT. Don’t look at it. Wait until your concert!

And this is Last Kiss. Beautiful, but again you don’t want to see it right now.

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(Source: Tumblr)

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • May 29: Speak Now tour in Des Moines, Iowa at Wells Fargo Arena. Click here for ticket info.
  • May 30: Taylor Swift to perform Mean on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  • June 2: Speak Now tour in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at Bank Atlantic Center. Sold Out.
  • June 3: Speak Now tour in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at Bank Atlantic Center. Sold Out.
  • June 4: Speak Now tour in Orlando, Florida at Amway Center. Sold Out.

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5 thoughts on “Inside Speak Now: Videos from Omaha’s Qwest Center

  1. For the dancers, I’m pretty sure that Meredith Ostrowsky is also one of them. Also, Kerry Wee broke her ankle and won’t be on tour for a while. Loved the vids 🙂

  2. Also, Kristin Denehy is the choreographer. Didn’t think she was actually dancing but I could be wrong…

  3. I’m happy you posted these videos, even though I’m going to my concert, seeing what’s coming just adds to the excitement I already have. I think people aren’t singing along as much as the international tour because there’s just way to much to see and experience. I am so stoked!! Cannot wait!

  4. Hey, do you know if our posters will be taken away? i have heard that there are certain size limits, or that they dont allow people on the floor to have posters or that they just take all of them away and im dying to know cuz im working so hard on mine for next week and my seats are right above the floor i think and i dont want my poster taken 😦

    1. It comes down to the venue’s judgement, but yes they usually refrain on posters if they are too big. Small ones are ok, but I know of a girl that had to leave hers behind since it was really large (almost as tall as her). Unfortunately I don’t know the size that your venue will allow.

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