The Outspoken One’s Speak Now Tour charms Des Moines, Iowa!


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Just so you know, more and more information is going to come out as more concerts are played. I know some of you prefer not to hear any details about the concert. I will continue to label all post containing specific details as Inside Speak Now, but I’m afraid I have to make an exception for pictures. I can’t really hide all the nice pictures from the concert! Sorry.

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The Sparkly Dressed has now three concerts under her tiara. She played Des Moines, Iowa at the Wells Fargo Arena on Sunday, May 29. calls the show “over the top” but in a nice way. To quote the article, when compared to her Fearless Tour, the new Speak Now tour, “didn‘t just clear the bar, it left it behind in a cloud of spent rocket fuel.”

I will always have fond memories of the Fearless Tour. It was the best experience of its time, and there wouldn’t be a Speak Now Tour if there hadn’t been a Fearless Tour in the first place.

So here’s one thing that I’d like to reveal outside the Inside Speak Now articles: the lyrics that Taylor has taken to write on her arm during the shows. Don’t think this is really a spoiler since it’s different every night. Thanks to Taylor Swift On Tour for compiling and posting these!

  • Speak Now Help Now: “You’ve got every right to a beautiful life.” – Selena Gomez, “Who Says”
  • Omaha, Night 1: “You gotta keep your head up but you can let your hair down.” – Andy Grammer, “Keep Your Head Up”
  • Omaha, Night 2: “I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone.” – Alanis Morisette, “You Learn”
  • Des Moines: “Cinderella said to Snow White ‘How did love get so off course?'” – Faith Hill, “This Kiss”

You can see the latest at Taylor Swift On Tour‘s facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter for live updates from each concert at @TSwiftOnTour.

Take a look behind the scenes at the filming of the Target commercial! Part two just popped up, but I can’t show it to you without part one:

And here’s part two:

No, part three is not out yet. You can see more behind the scenes at taylorfan2121‘s account.

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Coming up in the Calendar!

  • June 2: Speak Now tour in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at Bank Atlantic Center. Sold Out.
  • June 3: Speak Now tour in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at Bank Atlantic Center. Sold Out.
  • June 4: Speak Now tour in Orlando, Florida at Amway Center. Sold Out.
  • June 7: Speak Now tour in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena. Sold Out.
  • June 8: Speak Now tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Bradley Center. Sold Out.
  • June 8: The 2011 CMT Music Awards take place in Nashville, Tennessee. Vote for Taylor!

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