Blogging from Music City! Taylor lights up Orlando, Florida.

(Source: Joshua C. Cruey, Orlando Sentinel)

This week we’re coming at you from the very capital of the Taylor Nation: Nashville, Tennessee! We here at the Swift Agency, one guy and a bunch of ninjas who are still bit dizzy from riding inside my suitcase (Sorry guys! Money is kinda tight), are taking some time off to enjoy Nashville and we’ll be reporting on the CMA Fest in particular. That means some cool blogs coming your way soon.

The Outspoken One is in Florida! She played Orlando’s Amway Center last night. The Orlando Sentinel has pictures. The lyrics on her arm were “I guess we’re all a phone call from our knees” from Matt Kearney’s Closer To Love. They should be very familiar.

A few years ago, Taylor named a blog like that and used that song as the background music. It included Paul Sidoti‘s birthday, Amos Heller‘s wedding, Liz Huett being a perfect girlfriend and… oh ok, here it is!

Remember I do have every video blog here.

Taylor is known to pick her own opening acts based on her taste rather than industry insiders’ opinion. That’s how NeedToBreathe ended up as the main opening act according to the Lincoln Journal Star. One of the starting opening acts is Josh Kelley, who happens to be married to Katherine Heigl, the actress. Josh recently talked about how Katherine is a fan of Taylor’s music so she will be coming on the road for the times that Josh joins the Speak Now tour. You can read the article on Hollywood Life.

Here’s the Sparkly Dressed with some of her starting opening acts. Josh Kelley is the one standing behind Danny Gokey. (Correction: My bad, that’s David Nail standing behind Danny Gokey). Thanks to babydontbreakmyheartslow for the pic!

(Source: Tumblr)

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • June 7: Speak Now tour in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena. Sold Out.
  • June 8: Speak Now tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Bradley Center. Sold Out.
  • June 8: The 2011 CMT Music Awards take place in Nashville, Tennessee. Vote for Taylor!
  • June 9: The CMA Music Festival starts in Nashville, Tennessee.

(Sources: Orlando Sentinel, Lincoln Journal Star, Hollywood Life)

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  1. That’s not Josh Kelley behind Danny Gokey, that’s David Nail. He’ll join the tour later this fall.

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