The CMA Fest Day 1: The LP Field, the convention center fan lines and the fan club parties


Here at the Swift Agency, one guy taken by surprise, we must give props to Jason Aldean. He is one mean concert-rocking machine.

The lineup at the LP Field usually represents the best of the current acts in Country Music. The Zac Brown Band actually brought the best from the past, as they sang with Country legends Randy Travis and Alan Jackson.

The bar was setup pretty high, and it wouldn’t actually be until Brad Paisley brought out legendary group Alabama for Old Alabama that it would be topped.

Sarah Evans’ return to the Country music scene was also complete last night. Specially during her hit, A Little Bit Stronger.


The 2011 CMA Fest actually started a lot earlier than that. The Nashville Convention Center got turned into Fan City with booths all over the place and lines of fans anxious to meet their idols… but patient enough to line up for them.

The way it works is, as soon as the Nashville Convention Center opens, you get to the booth and grab a ticket to do the line and see your favorite artist. The crucial part is being there when the doors open so that you can be sure to nab that ticket. As a result, people will sleep on the street overnight to get inside first.

I had already decided I was going to be more of an spectator to the event, since this requires way too much of your time and patience for possibly nothing. I’d done the line for Taylor if she were here. I considered doing it for Lady Antebellum but I knew my chances were slim with the time allocated.


Tickets to meet Lady Antebellum went out in about 2 minutes. Then you have the “hopefuls” line which means you’re willing to wait for the artist if they have the time after the ticket line is done. The Outspoken One’s schedule is not going to allow her to do the fan lines this year, but she will play the LP Field on Sunday, June 12.

Also taking place during the CMA Fest are the fan parties! Some are big and you need tickets in advance, others happen in smaller more intimate settings and can still be a blast.

Mallary Hope’s fan club party took place at Puckett’s at the corner of Church and 5th Street. It was her own idea that we recorded her performance of Georgia Peaches and put it on YouTube. Here’s mine:

It was also the day we were seeing her for the last time. Wherever life takes you, Mallary, I hope the sun shines and it’s a beautiful day. I miss you already.

And a little blast from the past! Gloriana was doing a small appearance at the CMA Fest to judge a dancing contest at the tune of their latest single, I Want To Take You Home. Here they are filming a salute for their fans.

They were not playing the festival this year, and had to catch a bus to Minnesota. I had a chance to shook hands with all of them for the first time. I hope their next album takes them places.

The Sparkly Dressed was supposed to play the Concert 4 NYC last night, but due to severe weather (rain and lightning) it was cancelled. Taylor was sad about it but that’s one of the risks of doing an outside event. She and the Agency are scheduled to play the Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan tomorrow, June 11.

(Source: Taylor Swift)

These are Taylor’s arm lyrics from Milwaukee, Wisconsin: “I slept in castles and fell in love because I was taught to dream.” That’s from Faith Hill’s Fireflies.

Coming up in the Calendar:

  • June 11: Speak Now tour in Detroit, Michigan at Ford Field. Sold Out.
  • June 12: The CMA Music Festival closes in Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor Swift performs!
  • June 14: Speak Now tour in St. Paul, Minnesota at Xcel Energy Center. Sold Out.
  • June 15: Speak Now tour in St. Paul, Minnesota at Xcel Energy Center. Sold Out.


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