Pointing out my flaws again as if I don’t already see them. An Editorial

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Hello, Taylor Nation 🙂

I don’t think I’ve done an editorial in some time. Let me warn you right now, I get very wordy with these. An editorial is basically my opinion, pure and simple. Usually a blog is always an editorial, but since I usually report the news this is just my way to say I’m just going to pick a topic (usually a controversial one) and give you my take about it. Short version: I talk a lot.

I will start by apologizing myself because I’m also guilty of forgetting one undeniable fact about Taylor: she is human. That means she makes mistakes, has weak moments, gets tired, has headaches, needs to eat, sleep and have some time off like everybody else.

Often enough we, and I certainly include myself here, forget this because she seems to be an energizer bunny. We know she loves her fans, we know she signed for 14 and a half hours. The fact that she needs to catch her breath is often overlooked.

There’s another particular fact that we often forget: she’s one of the busiest people in the world. Right now, she has stretched her work days so thin that there’s no time for improvisation. Remember the whole deal with the guys from AHugFromTaylorSwift? I sincerely doubt we’ll get to see something like that happen again unless it’s scheduled. Taylor’s free time is in very short supply.

To use her own words: “My life is busy, but it’s not hard.” I’m going to add that even though she might not consider it hard, it can get tiring. Fortunately, she has people that take care of her. That means that although she may want to do more, they hold her back. I say fortunately because I don’t want Taylor to faint out of pure exhaustion.

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I know everyone of us are sad when we wait for her outside a certain place and she doesn’t come out or stop. This is perfectly normal and I’m not going to give you any flack for it. She stopped coming out for impromptu meetings like that since it gets crazy. You might think she could make exceptions for when there’s not much of a crowd, but if she were to do that then the next time there will be a crowd since word would get around. For that next time she’d disappoint people when she doesn’t come out. A note here, she doesn’t come out to meet people at the buses. A few members of the Agency might do that, though. If you don’t say hello to them, I’ll send the whole Ninja Department after you.

The last thing Taylor wants is to get your hopes up and then let you down. She will find other ways to thank us fans any chance she gets.

It’s the same thing that happens on Twitter. She can’t really answer all her mentions or follow all her six-million-and-growing followers therefore she doesn’t. Yes, a loooong time ago she did answer @JNCx 🙂


Those were other times…

I know it can get frustrating not to be the lucky person that gets into the pit, or that gets to the T-Party or have Meet & Greet passes. However, the more fans she has the more get left out of those perks… she knows it, and she thinks of new ways to remain reachable, but with a fanbase like Tay’s that’s quite a challenge.

My message if I can get away with one, is to please not force it. It’s ok to wait for Taylor outside a TV station, or outside a radio station, or try to catch a glimpse outside a venue. It’s certainly NOT ok to chase her car or stakeout her private residence. Going to public places (PUBLIC please) she might go in the chances of running into her is one thing, but as much as we make fun of the word “stalker” I ask you not to become one. Please do leave her some privacy.

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One more thing before I forget, I know that some of the venues have started to crack down on large signs. It’s not that they’re not cool. It’s that people behind you will complain if you put something up that will not let them see. I don’t know the standard size they will allow, but aim for something wide rather than tall. Small and bright still counts! Be aware that they can ask you to throw it away before the show. If you bring a sign into the show, try not to block the person behind you.

Since you might lose the sign, make sure that’s not the only thing you rely on for getting noticed. Dressing up in sparkles and anything that glows in the dark will increase your chances of getting noticed but the most important thing is to have fun, dance and sing.

The Sparkly Dressed played her last show in Minnesota at XCel Energy Center on June 15. The lyrics were: “A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs” from Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. Up next is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 18.

Congratulations to Stephanie Brunner from New Jersey! She won Z100 New York radio’s “Z Pays Your Bills” contest and spend a day with Taylor Swift in Nashville! Here’s Taylor with Stephanie and her friend hanging out on a boat. More pictures here.

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  • June 21: Speak Now tour in Buffalo, New York at HSBC Arena. Sold Out.
  • June 22: Speak Now tour in Hartford, Connecticut at XL Center. Sold Out.
  • June 25: Speak Now tour in Foxborough, Massachusetts at Gillette Stadium. Sold Out.
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5 thoughts on “Pointing out my flaws again as if I don’t already see them. An Editorial

  1. I understand that Tay is busy thats why i don’t make a big deal out of it. She doesn’t have the time with all the meet and greets, and when she coming out of her hotel she has somewhere to be. Just catching a glimpse of her would be enough for me. The guy with Steph is her boyfriend, she said it on the interview with Z100, it was a good interview you should give it a lsiten with all the things Tay did for her.

  2. You raise alot of good points for all Swifties. We need to be Thankfull of what Taylor brings to us all.

  3. Taylor and her music makes an old man like me….remember when I was 18,(a year before she was born) good times and a Girl I love to remember….and those are great things.

  4. I just got back from Taylor’s concert in Pittsburgh with two of my daughters. What an amazing event it was! What impressed me the most was how grounded Taylor seems to be ( in the midst of 52,000 sceaming fans and fireworks). There were moments she would stop and just take in the moment as if she were in awe of her own journey. What a joy it was to be a witness to her living her dream AND my daughters’ dream of seeing her in concert! Thankyou Taylor!

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