Inside Speak Now: The Enchantress charms Newark. Holding my breath…

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Warning: You know the drill. Since I’m going to discuss details from inside a concert, I use the ‘Inside Speak Now’ title just so you know to skip this article in case you want to remain surprised at your concert.

Hello, Taylor Nation!

The Sparkly Dressed is currently rocking Newark, New Jersey in the second of four nights at the Prudential Center tonight, July 20. The reviews are in for the first one and they’re overall positive as always.

Just Jared Jr gave her a positive review and said she gives the best hugs. Apparently, the author of the site, Jared Eng, got to meet Taylor backstage. I’m not jealous. Not at all. Not siree bob. Ok perhaps a little bit. She also rocked… literally. I’ll explain further in a bit. You can also see a thumbs up from the Village Voice blogs. Finally, there’s a song by song analysis from the Star Ledger that is really harsh but does redeem itself in the end. That last one is very spoiler-ish, just so you know.

Now all articles do mention an incident from July 19 that with certain canopy. The Love Story balcony had a glitch. The stagehands brought her down at once. I’m sure at that point, even if was temporary, the rule has to be at the first sign of a problem just bring her down safely.

Ok, I can stop holding my breath now. Fix the thing!

The lyrics in Newark last night, July 19, were: “Belief builds from scratch, doesn’t need to relax, doesn’t need space.” from Gavin DeGraw’s Belief. The ones tonight, July 20, were “You’re someone else’s baby, you’re someone else’s crazy, now” from Matt Nathanson’s Queen of (K)nots.

Coming up in the Calendar:

  • July 23: Speak Now tour in Newark, New Jersey at Prudential Center. Sold Out.
  • July 24: Speak Now tour in Newark, New Jersey at Prudential Center. Sold Out.
  • July 28: Speak Now tour in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Van Andel Arena. Sold Out.
  • July 29: Speak Now tour in Indianapolis, Indiana at Conseco Fieldhouse. Sold Out.
  • July 30: Speak Now tour in Cleveland, Ohio at Quicken Loans Arena. Sold Out.

(Sources: Just Jared Jr, Village Voice blogs, Star Ledger)


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  1. …and Taylor was safe at all times! That is why Bobby is the one who clips Taylor into the safety harness. Of course, Taylor was wise to put a hand on the rail…in case the ride got a bit bumpier…

  2. Hi! I know that you’re not an official Taylor site, just a fan site, but I was wondering if there was any connections you may have or any help you can give to raise awareness I guess you could say to get Taylor to maybe come to Vegas?! I saw her there for her Fearless tour, & it was absolutely amazing! But as far as I can see, she’s not going there for Speak Now & I find that extremely depressing. Haha. I just thought I would ask. I follow you on twitter & I absolutely adore your blog! Keep up the awesomeness!! 🙂

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