Girl Named Tennessee: NeedToBreathe Speaks Now on Taylor Swift


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Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who’s both a Taylorgeek and an unofficial Insider, were thrilled to hear NeedToBreathe were chosen to play as the main openers for the Outspoken One. We had the chance to see them perform live for the first time when they came to Montreal. They already had fans in the audience before taking the stage. I am not making this up: they had the audience in their pocket on the first song (which was Girl Named Tennesse by the way).

Bear Rinehart

The Outsiders band sat down with MTV News for a chat about what it’s like to tour with the Outspoken One. Since I can’t embed the video (region-locked how much I hate thee), I’m using my pictures from the Speak Now Montreal concert.

“Well, she won’t let us look at her [for] long,” Bear Reinhart teased. “Honestly, it’s been really not like that at all. She was totally cool the first day … very pro for somebody who’s 21.”

“She wears, like, a veil over her face the whole time, like, no eye contact,” added his brother and bandmate Bo. He was also joking of course. “Very down to earth and easy,” he said of the Sparkly Dressed.


The Enchantress handpicked the band from South Carolina. The guys had a little of a hard time believing it when they got the call, but once they accepted they quickly learned Taylor didn’t only choose them, she was a fan and curious about what songs they would play.

“So that’s good, to be appreciated on a tour like that,” said Bear. “Obviously, we could, like, never see her again, but she’s been great.” You can tell there is no filter when they talk. But I believe that when all is said and done, they will be remembered… on their own.

You can read the original article at MTV News. Their next album, The Reckoning, will be released on stores (and computers) on September 20th. You can find them on the internet at NeedToBreathe.Net and on Twitter @NEEDTOBREATHE.


Coming up in the Calendar!

  • July 23: Speak Now tour in Newark, New Jersey at Prudential Center. Sold Out.
  • July 24: Speak Now tour in Newark, New Jersey at Prudential Center. Sold Out.
  • July 28: Speak Now tour in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Van Andel Arena. Sold Out.
  • July 29: Speak Now tour in Indianapolis, Indiana at Conseco Fieldhouse. Sold Out.
  • July 30: Speak Now tour in Cleveland, Ohio at Quicken Loans Arena. Sold Out.

(Source: MTV News)

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