The Cutting Room Floor: Definitely Not The Story Of Us

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Hello, Taylor Nation!

Every once in a while, I leave stuff out from posts because they don’t fit anywhere. I’m going to be experimenting with the idea of just picking a few up and see how they are received. These tidbits can be rumor control, rants, stories, me trying to give you advice that you never really asked for, yadda, yadda.

For the first edition of The Cutting Room Floor let’s do some rumor control.

The story this time (and it’s not The Story Of Us) is politicians holding fundraisers during Taylor’s concerts on Washington D.C. You can read the original story on, USA Today and RTT News. That much is true. However, there are other websites (not linked here) that have taken to literally say that Taylor is directly involved in them. That is false.

These are campaign fundraisers. A politician rents a suite on the venue and sells you an expensive entrance if you want to attend. The money from it is destined to finance the politician’s own campaign. They can do it on any concert, sports match or event that they want since they pay for the suite.

The article with the most clear title is the one by RTT News: “Taylor Swift Not Involved With Fundraising At Upcoming Concert.” I’m not linking to the ones with the misleading titles because I ain’t giving them any traffic. Taylor has no problems meeting people, but the only fundraisers the Queen of Sparks has gotten involved with so far have been charity ones.

Are we clear?

Good. I won’t have to send the ninjas then.

Here’s the Sparkly Dressed singing Back To December in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She amends the lyrics slightly… to send a message to someone from Michigan. No idea who that could be.

Update: Apparently a bunch of performances in live concerts are being blocked and I’ve had to remove the video from here. If you want to test your luck and try watching it, go here. Taylor changed the lyric from “so if the chain is on your door I understand” to “so this is for the boy from Michigan.”

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • August 2: Speak Now tour in Washington, DC at Verizon Center. Sold Out.
  • August 3: Speak Now tour in Washington, DC at Verizon Center. Sold Out.
  • August 6: Speak Now tour in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Lincoln Financial Field. Sold Out.
  • August 7: The Teen Choice Awards air live on Fox at 8/7c. Taylor Swift is nominated for six awards.

(Sources:, USA Today, RTT News)

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  1. It’s blocked because of the apologize part of the song, if they take that out sony won’t take it down. That for any one that posts videos

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