Speak Now Nashville: Encounters of the Swift kind

Amos J. Heller

Hello Taylor Nation!

That’s me running into bass player extraordinaire, Amos J. Heller. The fact that this dude is hilarious is just a plus, but he’s also nice enough to remember me and always says a kind word about my blog. Can’t thank him enough for it.

I can honestly say that I’ve never ran around like that. We here at the Swift Agency, one guy who should hit the gym a little more often, are getting too old for this stuff.

We got new pictures in the Gallery!

Liz Huett

With two days of waiting around, we had the chance to encounter into several people and we did! That’s me running into the beautiful Liz Huett. She remembered me 🙂

You can’t see it from this angle but Lulu, Claire Callaway’s daughter was there with her little arm in a cast. Another kid even signed her cast. Poor thing!

We ran into almost all the dancers: Dominique, Justin, Fernando, Shannon, Meredith, Charity and Claire.

I also met Bear Rineheart from NeedToBreathe. Their new album, The Reckoning is out, have you heard it yet?

Grant Mickelson

It was also a thrill to meet Jordan, the webmaster in charge of taylorswift.com and who runs the @taylornation13 account.

I also had a brief encounter with Taylor’s publicist Paula and shook hands with Scott Borchetta, CEO of Big Machine.

Grant Mickelson just decided to take a stroll  on the floor. I actually had to push a certain Juliet chick so she would get a picture with the guitar player. After that, I got a picture myself.

We also met Tanner, one cool kid who’s been in a lot of clips including the AHugFromTaylorSwift original project.

A Band of Thieves

If you haven’t yet, please take a look at the review of Inside Speak Now Nashville: The Main Event.

We also run into several people from Twitter, including some girls that were from a Band of Thieves. Funny, eh?

Hey, where is my wallet…

And we here at the Swift Agency, one guy who’s still in complete disbelief over who he got to meet, still think the guy dressed up as a penguin should’ve gotten T-Party.

A thief and the penguin

Why? Because it’s a gosh darn penguin.

Make sure you check the new entries in the Gallery. Available now are whole lot of pictures from:

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  1. “…and shook hands with Scott Borchetta, CEO of Big Machine.”

    Just the greatest US record label President of all time! I’m glad you had the opportunity to meet him 🙂

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