Inside Speak Now: Highlights from The Agency!

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Remember when I said that I might not write another Inside Speak Now article again? Well, let’s pretend I never said that. I’ve been working on this one for a while… Sorry it took so long. Most of these little facts I picked up on Nashville, but others have been seen here and there.

Grant Mickelson

1. Grant’s stroll

Did you know The Agency’s Grant Mickelson has been known to walk among the audience before the show? We actually caught him doing that at the Nashville shows. Big shoutout to @StephanieJuliet for taking this picture. Sorry we blew your cover, Grant!

Sorry, I can’t say if he’s going to do that again, or where he shows up. Actually, the only other time I know of Grant ever doing this before came from someone’s tweet during another concert. I don’t remember who said it.

Note: Please don’t ask when Grant does this or on which part of the venue he shows up. It’s not scheduled and completely spontaneous.

The Story Of Us

2. Taylor and Grant fighting during The Story Of Us

You’ve probably noticed this. I was worried this little play acting they do while on stage will be scratched and just acted out by the dancers, but I can happily report they’ve added more to it.

As the song starts and Grant and Paul move up the catwalk, notice Taylor as she passes Grant. She makes a gesture with her arm as if she’s mad at him. They will keep “fighting” as the song progresses including a pause in which Grant stops playing and even puts his arm on Taylor’s shoulders and she just rolls her eyes at him.

3. Fernando and Caitlin on the introduction to Our Song

Fernando Miro does an impressive tap dancing routine, Taylor pops up from the stage and Caitlin Evanson‘s alter ego Eunice makes an appearance to play the fiddle. What’s not to love?

Watch on YouTube

Al Wilson

4. Al Wilson’s beard

Have you ever noticed during Our Song and Mean that The Agency is dressed in period costumes of the depression era? Of course you have.

What you might have not noticed is that Al Wilson on the drums is also in costume! Naturally, you can’t really see him back there but I noticed something funny and zoomed in… Al is wearing a beard!

Al is the first member of the Agency. I can’t believe that question comes up on the screens at concerts and nobody knows.

Al formed the band for the most part. Amos was brought in by Al, for example. Later on they would hold auditions as they needed more players. Liz was a Taylor fan that got to meet, speak, and even sing to Taylor before she auditioned to be her backup singer. Paul came in to audition with a guitar he had made himself.


5. Caitlin and Liz during the line “I can’t sing” from Mean

This one is very subtle, and not even a secret but still I want to highlight it.

Caitlin Evanson, still in her guise as Eunice, seems to be saying, “pssh… what-ever” just as the line hits. This is aimed at the mean guy, not at the audience, of course.

Liz Huett kills me. As the line hits she has this sly look that’s very sassy and a more than a bit catty. She’s standing with Taylor as if saying “she just proved you wrong and you’re just a douchebag.”

The picture is from back in Montreal in July. By the time Speak Now reached Nashville, Liz and Cait stood at a distance from Taylor when she gets to this line so it’s a bit harder to have them all in the same picture.

6. Caitlin and Liz during Back To Revenge

Another for Caitlin Evanson and Liz Huett. This time is the play acting between them and Taylor during Back To Revenge. There’s also a bit after they get off the bridge when Taylor and Cait are pushing each other and I love Caitlin’s face as she runs away.

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Yes, this video already shows Grant and Paul’s duel, but I want to mention it separately nevertheless, so…

7. Grant and Paul’s duel at the end of Better Than Revenge

Ok, ok… you just saw it and the end of the previous clip. I still wanted to highlight it so this is only clip which I filmed myself! It’s a great guitar duel between Grant Mickelson and Paul Sidoti at the end of Better Than Revenge. Here’s my clip. The winner, as always, is the audience! Well done, guys!

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Amos Heller

8. Amos headbanging

The question most Agency members get asked on Twitter is “What is your favorite song to play in concert?” If you ask Amos Heller, the answers are Better Than Revenge and Haunted. There’s some heavy bass in the later song.

You will notice the Agency’s bass player extraordinaire is headbanging on both songs. I wanted to highlight Haunted but it’s too dark. This is from Better Than Revenge, which is not much better…

9. The Wedding Dancers

This one was captured by @_Jencita_ during another Speak Now show. Ever notice what The Agency and the Dance Crew are up to while Taylor is “running away now” at the end of Speak Now? They’re doing silly dances as if they’re at a wedding reception!

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Caitlin Evanson at the harp

10. Caitlin at the harp during Last Kiss

I wish I had a clearer picture… Caitlin Evanson has several violin solos during Speak Now that serve as intros. The one she does for Back To December is excellent. The one for Enchanted is not to be missed.

But during Last Kiss she really goes all out with a huge harp that is raised onto the stage via one of the secret lifts (the one up front on the catwalk).

Saying Cait is multi-talented would be an understatement. She also really gets into the song and plays it very passionately.

Claire Callaway

11. Claire as the ballerina in Enchanted

Claire Callaway has two terrific entrances during Speak Now. The first is her stunning appearance as The Bride (insert lighting and thunder effects here) in Speak Now. It’s a very dramatic entrance.

The other is a lot more subdued but also show off her skills as a ballerina and happens during Enchanted. She does a little ballet number that starts only with her, then she is joined by Dominique and the rest of the Dance Crew.

The dress for Long Live

12. Taylor’s dress during Long Live

Yes, I’m including Taylor. In my mind she is a part of the band and this is about Long Live so it’s fitting.

After Haunted, the Sparkly Dressed appears from under the bell in a different dress and with the sparkly guitar to sing Long Live.

However, when she was about to bring out Andy Grammer in Nashville, she emerged without the guitar which usually hides this dress… It is another sparkly dress with a golden pattern on it.

13. The Agency’s lost introduction during Long Live

This is the part where the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar would introduce The Agency during the international legs of the Speak Now Tour. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Now she adds clips from her video blogs and fan encounters on the screen. The band does get pictures of themselves during Fifteen as way of an introduction. I still wish I’d seen this introduction live.

This was taken in Manchester from the pit:

Watch on YouTube

And this was in Manila, the Philippines:

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Liz Huett

And as we wrap up, one last picture of Liz Huett just because 🙂

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