Speak Now Atlanta: No telling where it’ll take you, just live your life

(Credit: Ashley Sidoti)

Hello Taylor Nation!

For the second night in a row, the Queen of Sparks played Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on October 2, 2011. The Arm Lyrics were: “No telling where it’ll take you, just live your life” by T.I. (feat Rihanna) – Live Your Life. She covered Baby Girl by Sugarland last night as she did on October 1

T-Swizzle brought the house down when she sang the first lines of Live Your Life, the song by T.I. and Rihanna. Then T.I. came out rapping and the crowd went wild.

You can read the original story on ABC news. She also had special guests Nelly, Young Jeezy and Russell Simmons backstage while she and T.I. were performing the Duet.

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Update: A better audio version, but it’s not as close

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Taylor also seems to have added Ours as part of her concert’s setlist. Here’s the Sparkly Dressed’s own picture of T.I., Nelly and Young Jeezy.

(Credit: Taylor Swift)

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(Source: ABC news)