Speak Now Louisville: Through autumn’s advancing we’ll stay young, go dancing

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She’s the Sparkly Dressed, the Enchantress, the Queen of Sparks… but sometimes I still just like to call her the Fearless One. Taylor Swift played the KYC Yum Center in Louisville, Kentucky on October 11. The concert was a rescheduled event from the original date she couldn’t attend due to illness. According to Louisville.com, Taylor mentioned inquiring about any complaints to her management:

“I called my management and my label after we had to cancel,” said the Sparkly Dress before going into the intro for Mean. “I wanted to know if you all were angry. They told me that NO – they had only had thousands of you inquire about my health and tell me to get well! I couldn’t believe it! You guys are so NICE!”

The Arm Lyrics were: “Through autumn’s advancing we’ll stay young, go dancing.” – Death Cab for Cutie, Stay Young, Go Dancing.

The Cover was Back Of Your Hand by Kentucky native, Dwight Yoakam. Sorry, no video yet! I’m still looking. I’ll update the page when I find it 🙂

Update! Here it is 🙂 Big shoutout to @k8ie1980 for the video!

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(Source: TaylorPictures.net)

According to courier-journal.com she rocked YUM Center and the difference between the Outspoken One now and the newcomer that opened for George Strait four years ago is remarkable.

Meanwhile WLKY.com reported the fans were noticeably upset last July due to the cancellation but they all came back for the rescheduled concert. Traffic was challenging to say the least… but totally worth it.

The Enchantress is hosting a Viewing Party at a Macy’s on October 13 at 4:30pm Eastern time. You will be able to watch on Taylor Swift’s Facebook Page UStream Live tab. The Sparkly Dressed will introduce her new fragrance, Wonderstruck, at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC.

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Coming up in the Calendar!

  • October 13: Wonderstruck promotion tour! Taylor Swift appears in Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly, and at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City (in-store appearance).
  • October 14: Lubbock, Texas at United Spirit Arena.Sold Out.
  • October 15: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at City Arena. Sold Out.
  • October 18: Wonderstruck promotion tour! Sephora – Glendale, CA (in-store appearance).
  • October 19: Wonderstruck promotion tour! The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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  1. I didn’t take any video, but Taylor also sang “Ours” on the couch right before she performed “Fifteen”. I don’t know if she has ever performed this song live.

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