The HALO Awards and Taylor Swift honored James O’Dwyer for his tornado relief efforts


Hello Taylor Nation!

The Outspoken One recorded a segment for the HALO Awards, which was itself recorded back in October. The show aired last night, November 6, on Nickelodeon. That’s James and his girlfriend meeting the Enchantress in Atlanta.

Taylor was honoring James O’Dwyer, a freshman from the University of Alabama, who chose to get involved and deliver much needed resources to all the people affected by the tornadoes that caused mayhem in Tuscaloosa along with other cities in Alabama. Eventually, he ran into Lani Nichols, a young mom who was doing the same thing in Georgia, and their initiative along with other brave volunteers became the Magnolia Disaster Relief organization which delivers much needed food, water, clothing, toys, furniture and fridges to those deeply affected by the disaster.

James was a perfect match with the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar as she herself had donated the proceeds from the Speak Now Help Now fundraiser concert to aid in the disaster relief efforts. Here’s a YouTube clip of the event part where James is honored, including the video segment from the Sparkly Dressed. Update! New clip, the other one was taken down.

Watch on YouTube

Not the best quality, but unless Nickelodeon makes the original clip available, that’s as best as we get. You can read the original story in and You can also find out more about the Magnolia Disaster Relief on their blogspot site. James is the organization’s vice president.

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