Paul Sidoti, Amos Heller & Mike Meadows at Tequila Sunrise: A Tribute to the Eagles

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Hello Taylor Nation!

The Agency’s Paul Sidoti, Amos Heller and Mike Meadows will perform at Tequila Sunrise – A Tribute to the Eagles at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio on December 29. No, they are not quitting The Agency, this happens during the band’s downtime and doesn’t interfere with the tour’s schedule.

According to Omni Entertainment, the Eagles tribute band Tequila Sunrise was formed by Paul Sidoti in 2002 when he relocated from Cleveland, OH to Nashville, TN. Over the years, members have changed as some went on to tour with local bands and others relocated. I had the honor to see Paul play as part of the Seahawks at the Tin Roof in Nashville back in September 15, 2011. Too bad I won’t get to see him play as “Joe Walsh” from the Eagles.

Here’s an old clip from Tequila Sunrise with Paul performing at the House of Blues in 2007:

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I really wish I could go to this one, but it’s during the holiday season. Here’s the event on Facebook.

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